Thanks babe got my nails done.  

March 17, 2017
Thanks Babe. The gift is behind me. Got my nails done and it comes off quite easily.

Will KIK you next week.

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Finally unwrapped my birthday and valentine gift…

February 19, 2017

…from Master Frank of Perth. 2 weeks ago I put on the PVC outfit without looking at the other bondage goodies. Life doesn’t wait for one to catch up. Today I had about one hour so I finally unwrapped the remaining gifts.Since I couldn’t find a photographer without benefits a selfie stick would have to do. These toys are exclusively for my benefactor and I so no second dips for anyone.


The thongs were so comfy and sexy.

There were other interesting bondage gears. Here they are laid up.

The locking penis gag and restraint systems are very interesting. The restraint system will make sense only when you’re here.

So here goes putting on the gears. First the latex. To get into the latex I had to wear panty hose first. The latex suit fit perfectly.

The bondage gears are simple with velcro and clips. It won’t hold an escape artist like me. So a simple shrimp / fetal position so that I can operate the selfie stick.

The penis gag did keep me quiet. I love it that it’s lockable. I just love chains and love. It’s a psychological thingy as I can escape from most rope bondage.

This is a closer look at the velcro shackles. The metal clip are quite flimsy and can break quite easily if I tug at it hard enough especially when I reach orgasm…:-P


A shy Jack on Thursday and Jacked down on Friday

February 12, 2017
A shy Jack on Thursday and Jacked down on Friday
Just came back from my first date in 2017.

A shy Jack and a first timer for a Thursday. Not exactly what I’ve hoped for. I guess techies are not exactly known for being flamboyant. Steve Jobs’ women were Amanii (Apple, Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone). I guess I just became another alphabet for sJ.

Friday was suppoed to be Jacked up with great dates: a BDSM play session and seconds with sJ. BDSM became Be Dreaming and Sleeeping by Myself. sJ messaged me when I was half way through war of the worlds in my dream and I had my minions eating from the palm of my hands. They had to eat humans and spoit my world domination plans. I was so super tired when I woke up 10:00 am in the morning ( the next day). Managing those martians can be very tough. Next time I try ruling the Venusians.


P.S. Not everyone is deviant in the group. I am the queen of elevated deviancies. :p

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An incredible birthday…

February 1, 2017
FB has a 5000 limits on friends. I made two accounts and it looks like I may need three. Thank you so much for your well wishes privately and on my timeline: 297 on my timeline and 220 privately. Thank you thank you so much.

My sister Adaline gave me a cuddly gift and a beautiful birthday cake. All my friends helped me celebrate my birthday.

A big surprise came in from Master Frank of Perth. Probably becaue I am such a perv…hee hee.

When can you get three gurls to do blow jobs?

January 21, 2017
When it’s their birthdays.
SGGURLS 2017 January meet started with the celebration of three gurls birthdays: Adaline, Nic, Regina


2017 started well. It’s good to see our sistas once a month and to know that everyone is okay. Cake and wine on a Friday night with good friends. The best way to spend the night.

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A few admirers sent me a some angry notes last night during the meet which I realized only next day. I can’t help you if dare not come in and meet the gurls. None of the SGGURLS moderators can help you forge courage. In our group the admirers who meet us become our friends. Friends have no labels. Whilst sex is the primary driver of why an admirer approaches us, being friends first is the key. Admirers are always welcome to SGGURLS meets. During the meets, don’t expect us to answer your messages or come escort you unless you are the Sultan of Blink blink.

I love my bear bear from Adaline.


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December 24, 2016

Xmas wouldn’t be the same without your best friends.That is all one needs to remember the great times in 2016. A smile, a hug, a kiss. They are fragant petals in our lives that makes awesome memories.
Adaline prepared all these gifts for our friends who attended our Xmas meet. Esther brought wine. The remaining surprise Xmas gifts are still with me. If you would like them, we may have a meet next Friday.
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The face of SGGURLS has changed over times but what has remained is friendship. Like any successful groups, there must be love. A mission. Passion. SGGURLS mission has been to create space and time for trans to come out and tell the world “I exist”. Its not a difficult mission but one that is thankless. The moderators of SGGURLS don’t get paid and often become a lightning rod for many difficult times especially when members wage war with each other. Other than the simple mission, there is no agenda.

From all of us in SGGURLS, merry Xxxmas and Happy 2017. May you be in love all the time.

A matchmaker that found her fantastic four….

December 13, 2016
Tinder didn’t work for my friends so I thought I play the matchmaker. I found a few nice admirers that would be a perfect fit for a few of my friends in SGGURLS.

Not to one who introduces half wits, I had to meet them first. I usually don’t date men and when I do it’s as rare as spotting a waterspout. 2016 is an exception. I found my fantastic four who treated me like a princess…lol eventhough I am more of a queen.

I have a lot of fun with my fantastic four each are super in their own ways. My first this year was JL. JL is a darling with a lot of heart. Jas is my BDSM playmate. He’s got me all these pleasure toys. RC is a kind dashing gentleman who can get any woman he wants but he chose me. Finally, RC last night. I felt like I was with Dwayne Johnson (aka the Rock). It’s nice to have dates that literally tower over me. I think all four are about 6’2++ and you know that that means ladies. This is still a PG blog so let’s just leave the bedroom scenes out.

I hope I don’t have to choose and maybe I am loose definitely not at the bottom but more on a traditional role of just hanging out with one mate. I guess no members of the fastastic four wants any of my gurls. 😦

Yesterday I met SM. Wow that’s two for two in a fortnight. We went to two of my favorite hangouts. I love friends who are comfortable to be seen with me in public. With heels I am slower than a snail unless I am jaywalking from DYMK to Backstage. I bumped into Ben whom I have not seen for more than ten years. He’s running Backstage and still in touch with Terrence whom I very fond of.

P.S. I have a super fan in Perth. I hope he is okay. I haven’t heard from him for quite some time.
SGGURLS is Singapore transgender central. The group was started by a few of us gurls namely Adaline, Hendrika (botanist extraoridnaire), Kayla, Ivy Sr, Ivy Jr, Destynee, Trish (a talented ad guru, our logo designer & you should hire her if you need a marketing expert).

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Friday’s Curry Gurl  

December 3, 2016
2016 has slipped by faster than a slippery eel. I was looking forward to seeing JL in my office but he had a client the last minute. I got my finger working …on my computer… not diddling myself if that’s what I got you thinking. Friday was shaping to be a bust with my gurlfriend Esther not feeling well from taking too much spiro. RC messaged me that he can pick me up from my place and Esther green light our meet in 8B BQ for F’s meetup session. $5.00 drinks for ladies. That is the only reason Esther and I frequent F’s meetup session. Red, White, Vodka w Soda, beer..for S$5.00.

I’m meeting RC for the first time. I thought RC was Ricky Chan. But he turned out better than Jacky Chan. RC is any ladies’ dream: tall, suave, down to earth, easy to converse. Eventually we found ourselves in Dhoom. We couldn’t go in the last time because it was reserved for Indian gents. LOL with RC, we got in.

The girls in Dhoom were super gorgeous. It was like a page out of Bollywood. The drinks however were super super EX. I fainted when I saw how much they charged for a jug of Tiger. I didn’t take any pics for the night save this two.

Nic Lave
Singapore’s first blond Ladyboy and proud of it.
SGGURLS, Singapore’s transgender forum,

A little tied up on a Monday …

October 31, 2016

SGGURLS 9th birthday  

October 29, 2016
468th meet