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An incredible birthday…

February 1, 2017
FB has a 5000 limits on friends. I made two accounts and it looks like I may need three. Thank you so much for your well wishes privately and on my timeline: 297 on my timeline and 220 privately. Thank you thank you so much.

My sister Adaline gave me a cuddly gift and a beautiful birthday cake. All my friends helped me celebrate my birthday.

A big surprise came in from Master Frank of Perth. Probably becaue I am such a perv…hee hee.


SGGURLS’ 3rd Anniversary

December 6, 2010

SGGURLS’ 3rd Anniversary

nicolesingslave Dec 04, 2010
3-4th of December

Once a year, SGGURLS claims a few days in the name of all gurls. People from all walks of life, unfurl their jelously guarded sail to join hands in celebration of acceptance. The gurls elate their gender transient state and know that in this small piece of heaven, there will be no gate villian barring their entrance.

SGGURLS' 3rd Anniversary photo 1

Friday through Saturday, the makeover and photoshoot sessions were in full motion. Magic skin lotion transformed ordinary mortals into angels worthy of any murals. Jesse of AFA, tirelessly fought through a fever, to make the event ritzy. The educational AIDS talk and free test manned by Jess’ friendly AFA colleagues were like icing on a cake. HIV negative and matching smiles were far better rewards than the infinite wealth of any sheik.

SGGURLS' 3rd Anniversary photo 2

Kayla, our Maestra extraordinaire, masterfully pull the troops together to make the event a successful one. Thankyou to all the SGGURLS organisers for making this event a memorable one.

For more on SGGURLS, a Singapore based transgender networking and social group, please go to; or find us on facebook,

Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party

September 19, 2010

Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party

nicolesingslave Sep 13, 2010

18th Septh 2010


Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party photo 1

With the Chinese Ghost Month just over and the gates of hell shut tight banishing the hungry ghosts for another year, the host with the most, Mystevious, rang the party bell. The revellers of middle earth answered, congregating at Alcova for the hottest bods in town. Cougars, gender benders, male strippers, paegent winners and hot beavers drank, rubbed bodies and danced with gusto to the beat of the DJ maestro.    

Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party photo 2

Our very special birthday gurl, the sassy Trish, with her party posse filled up the VIP booth. Two became three, and three became eighteen. The party gene had set afire the trans party scene. The cake came, candles were lit and songs flowed befitting a starlit queen.

Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party photo 3

 Mystevious steamed up the glass panes by crowning the man with hot gleaning muscles as the hottest man in Singapore.

Lucky 3, Bad Ass Gurls, Wicked Tattoo Party photo 4

For more information on Singapore’s transgender group, please visit us at

A sort of homecoming

May 23, 2010

A sort of homecoming

22 May 2010, Sweltering Singapore.

It’s been a hectic four months of travelling from Munich to New Brunswick, studying and doing research for a technology project. It should be fun but the intense paper chase at a daunting pace felt like a lesion in the tushy. It’s nice to be back in Singapore even for a short while. I’d plan to go see Marla’s art exhibition on Saturday which I heard rave reviews. Unfortunately, even the best of plans go askew. As the evening finally wind down, a few of us who could make it to Backstage, caught up with each other. We had a lovely time. In between the pilsners and banter, I finally caught up with four months of events.


A lot had happened when I was away. A new star rose from the runway. She founded SIS ("Sisters in Solidarity") to fight discrimination, pushed SIS with other transwomen in Singapore’s biggest glbt event, won the best show-womanship in a poledancing competition and completed a major art exhibition / show in a space of a few months.  I guess she went to places and set a new yardstick for many of us who had long cowled in defeat. If this world was the Matrix, I’m the happy Morpheus finally discovering the elusive Neo.  


 Marla deserves our support and we should do no more. Thanks to the sisters like Trish, Rose, Leona, Claudia and many sympathetic friends who were behind this brave lass who’s had enough with indignant trespass.


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Straight guys

April 11, 2010

Straight guys

I constantly get unwanted contacts from self-professed STRAIGHT guys wanting to sleep with me, buy my time, dominate me or me dominate them. It’s a real turn off. These idiots don’t even bother to read my profile. I am a transgurl. You won’t be talking to me if you’ve not dreamt of having a big log in your mouth. Most of these so called "STRAIGHT" guys, have their legs pointing up the ceiling the moment they hit the sack. Geez… so much for false machismo: all muscle,  no brain and no heart. I prefer someone straight and honest. Come up to me and admit that you’re bisexual. That’ll get you to first base. This is quick sign to tell me that you’re aware of your own sexuality and not some inept undeveloped sexual geek.

As a transgurl, I can understand the bullshit that women endure. It’s a damn big pile. Sometimes it’s just plain weird shit that falls into my mailbox. Most of all my relationship are with women, transgurl and a minority of men. I can afford to be very selective. I don’t want to date ninjas, tiny brinjals, weird dogs, wired junkies, smelly monkies and stupid donkeys,


When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

February 28, 2010

When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

Munchen’s weather had been unkind to me the whole week, cold rain in the night and I am stuck in meetings during the day. After a few nights of that crappy routine, I decided to brave the elements and go to KittyKat. In the past, the club was opened on Friday. I called Helmut on his mobile and spoke to him in my broken German. I thought heard him say Freitag when in fact he said Partei am Samstag. Still dazed from my hectic two weeks, I guess I heard what I wanted to hear. I got out my PVC and went to Domakstrasse 33 at Schwabing. I had a bad feel of how things were going to be for the night when the cab driver couldn’t find the entrance. The normal entrance was blocked off by bank of pebbles. After twenty minutes on the walkie talkie, the cabbie finally found the obscure entrance. God blessed this young blonde man, not only did he not charge me the extra time but he even gave me a discount. :-O After he dropped me off, I went up to the the entrance only to find the dreaded five words: "CLOSE / SCHLIEßEN". Drat, I am in a middle of an abandoned factory campus, wearing 6 inch stilleto boots and with at least 3 km to the main road. I took some photos and when I thought things can’t get worse, old man winter decided to take a piss. I wondered in the dark for an eternity stumbling across my only souvenir for being there: "M XW7063".

Was I glad when I finally flagged down a cab on the main road. The elderly cab driver was …er hemm… extremely interested in giving me more than a cab ride. I decided to my favorite haunt in Munchen called MYLORD bar. The cold night was warmed up by the exchanges with the cab driver where I mostly uttered: "nein","nein", "nein danke", "vielleicht das nächste Mal","I Sitzung am Freunde"."vielleicht das nächste Mal", "nien, nein, danke." Oh my lord, the bar looked abandoned and desolated. I guess the downturn had been brutal. So at the end, my Freitag abend is: Scheisse!!


January 24, 2010


Singapore, 23-24 January 2010.

When I walked into PLU, I found Rose and Daniel flat on the ground bored from waiting on our princesses to show up. Oh dearie me, the gurls will be fashionably late or was this going to be a logistic hiccup? I didn’t pass up on the chance to chat with the founders of SGB. Rose showed me a newspaper article featuring Fanny Ler: "They stare at you, talk behind your back",,4136,227874,00.html.  

Before we got the opportunity to get deeper into our chat, the gurls trickled in. Let the feast begin: food, food, food, vodka, tequila and whisky. Soon everyone was busy like bees, flirting and joking. When the alcohol kicked in, we got to pick on Bendini. I flash my red panty at Marla, Yvonne pulled down her tight shorts revealing a sexy black lacy thong, Bendini spread her legs, Divi mooned us and Trish said that she was straight. Har har…I’ve no idea what I just wrote.

The good thing about having a party in a cafe like PLU is that we won’t run out of good food. The downside: diet plan, out you go like an old shoe. Our sweet Diva, Destynee, and PLU gave Ada and I, the best present we could ever ask for: two tantalising cakes served by two cute PLU guys.  We blew out their candles….duh…the candles on the cakes. Collectively, Ada and I are two years old. That’s nice.

When the clock struck at midnight precise, the party was too hot to be iced. The gurls went downtown & made Supper club the new party hub. Don’t ask me about the candles there, I don’t want to get walloped.

We would like to thank Shawn and Andrew for agreeing to host our bodacious party and our wonderful friends for helping make the party fiesty.


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First outing of 2010

January 3, 2010

An excellent Pattaya Adventure

December 20, 2009

An excellent Pattaya Adventure

14th December 2009.

Pattaya, Thailand.

I finally met the bubbly and irrepressible leader of Bangkoktrans, Kate. I was pleasantly surprised to meet her enfemme. She femmed out for fear that I may not recognise her. The drive from Bangkok International Airport to Pattaya was extremely educational. In the two hours’ drive, I learned about the amazing story of Bangkoktrans and its founder Leslie. It was a tragic love story that still made Kate’s voice waver.


Kate and Jules decided to crash with me at Pattaya for the night. We dropped off all out stuff and we were off. Kate took us to the top of Pattaya to view the city lights. The view was breathtaking. I could feel the vibrancy of the city life below…or was it the growl of the hound of Baskerville making mince meat out of a street dog?

We visited Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. It was everything that I had read and more. Soi 15 seems to have been taken over by middle-easterners. The streets were lined with hookahs and of course the hookers were further down the road. Besides the maddening nightlife filled with buckets of sleaze to make Amsterdam look like a second rate triple X city, the shopping prospects made this gurl salivate. I saw very pretty dresses going for 199THB each (9 sgd / 45 RMB). Gosh, I didn’t care if they were fakes or if would last a week, the merchandise just look too good.

Kate brought Jules and me to a "Thai Girl" farm the next day. LOL, I am afraid I can’t reveal this exotic location. Let’s just say that it’s filled sexy cats. The place is sizzling hot. So be certain to wear 6" heels and glam up for a fabulously hot time. Oh get ready to have your photo taken with lots and lots of admirers. We decided to cool down back at Walking Street where we dined like Kings…er… queens.

Kate left us the next day but Jules accompanied me for more shopping mania. Before Kate left she set me up for an interview with the world famous Alcazar cabaret. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I slept nary a wink. Not because of the impending interview but because of the wonderful SHOPPING that lay ahead. We broke the bank buying makeups, hand bags, heels, t-shirts, gifts, dresses and lingerie. I found a brand of lingerie called Elfe which I have not seen anywhere else in Asia.

Evening rolled around quickly. We were lucky since my SM mission went bust. The additional time made sure that I could prepare for my appointment with my knock-dead gorgeous potential boss at Alcazar. We attended the 8pm show as requested by the alluring Ms. Apple (manager of Alcazar); gosh it’s so wrong to think of one’s potential boss in such a manner & please kick my butt Buddha. Thank you. During the hour plus show, I was to pick out parts that I could fit in. I guess I know I should wear my analysis lens but I was too mesmerised by the exquisite ladyboys. My oh my, they were enticing. When the show ended, I met Ms. Apple. She explained the drills of participating in the cabaret. I forgot most of what she said. It was so difficult to focus.


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Let me count my luck….

November 21, 2009

Let me count my luck….

and here they are …

I have been chanting the mantras of turning the other cheek and of a half full glass. What else can a mortal do when old man Weather died and in his place is his PMS wife lashing out. While Mrs. Weather floods our home with rain and flood, Lady Greed has her hands firmly around the hearts of financiers. Thank goodness for Mr.Obama and the rest of the world leaders. The financial winter is almost over but yesterday the weather forecaster said that we can expect heavy rains in Singapore until January 2010. So more flash floods in Bukit Timah and Sixth Avenue, the homes of the riches financiers in Singapore.


Those who live in denial that the weather pattern hadn’t change, suffers from a tragic delusion of yester-century. Flood, hurricane, high energy prices, bad healthcare, unemployment and an ever shrinking paycheck are today’s norm. Every where there’s change and unfortunately the changes doesn’t seem to be for the better. We were told by our government that we have to work until we’re 65! Well I guess change has always been a strange bed-fellow to a transgender such as I. So what’s new when we face the bad, the ugly and the worse on a daily basis. We small band of gurls have found a slice of heaven, in the tight lgbt belt of Singapore, namely in Tanjong Pagar. With each other for solace, we find acceptance and friendship. So cheers to the rain which makes the sweet beer. We only pray that Lady Greed will release the hearts of bald fat bankers so that they can understand that the money and gold barsin their vault are belong to the caretakers wanting to make everyones’ lives better.