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SGGURLS March 2017 Meet: found new moderators and ISO more mods.

April 1, 2017

The last 24 hour was spicier than all the episodes of Tanglin. The Friday started by being stood up by my date. I waited like a goondoo until 8:00 pm. All he got to do was show up @ office, pick me up and go to SGGURLS gathering.

But lucky for me I had another date. ūüôā Lo and Behold at the SGGURLs meet, I discovered that the organizer didn’t even bother showing up. What’s even worse was that she was my best friend and she lied to me. She went to another event organized by someone who salivates to own SGGURLS. The truth unravelled this morning when the big mouth who went to their party spilled the beans. Early 2016, before the fist fight of Cr and Es, Es brokered a meeting asking me to make Cr an owner of SGGURLS. I said I will think about it. The meeting was so stupid I never wrote anything about it. Can a drunkard really garner followers and be an influencer in SGGURLS? I laughed so hard that orange juice came out from my nose.
But as life would have it, never underestimate a drunkard jackal. It outmanouvered me. Cr organized events to conincide with SGGURLS meet. Cr has got most of SGGURLS 2016 mods. I am a little sore that I got bitten by a cunning dog and it’s done so insidiously that movie insicidious should take a page out of our politics. I can’t be angry with the big Lady upstairs for cleaning my SGGURLS house for me. So I am in search of NEW mods for SGGURLS. I would eventually like to hand over the leadership reins to the right mod.

The quality of SGGURLS mods:


    • do what you say and say what you mean


I started SGGURLS when the internet was still a baby, the camera and phone were different devices. I posted events and I showed up even I was the only one. I recruited moderators that helped me formed the first nucleous of SGGURLS. I made some mistakes along the way by putting wrecks as moderators. The March event was organized by my best friend who turncoat and lied about it. And most smart people will smell bullshit a mile away. Yours was just in Golden mile.


    • your real life is in order


For mods to really help other people, your life must in order. That means you need a stable job. You are socially responsible and you got street cred.


    • mentally and emotionally stable


This criteria is best described by an example of what NOT to be. There’s a toxic old fart who runs around town, bad mouthing everyone, bragging that she’s a millionaire, claming to be a recovering gambling addict and offering free BJ to any guy desperate to have a lip around his shaft. This a person is so insecure that the only way she can feel good is by making everyone else feel like dirt including his loving wife who may on her last league of her life. Stultus, ut hoc adepto fulgur percussit per sapientiae

SGGURLS facebook:

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February 14, 2011


nicolesingslave 8 mins ago

Buy my book: LIVING BETWEEN LIES photo 1


Ebook By Nicole Lave
$0.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 12, 2011
Category: Fiction¬†¬Ľ¬†Erotica¬†¬Ľ¬†Action/Adventure
Words: 146006 (approximate)
Language: English

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Ebook Short Description

‚ÄúLiving Between Lies‚ÄĚ is about the adventures of a crossdresser named Ken Smith who is caught and becomes a pawn of his sadistic BDSM indulgent boss.

Extended Description

‚ÄúLiving Between Lies‚ÄĚ is about the adventures of a crossdresser named Ken Smith who works as an analyst in an aggressive no holds barred mergers & acquisition company nicknamed, the Leech. Ken leads a double life, working as a man by day but living as a lewd woman by night. He goes through great lengths to conceal his crossdressing activities until one day when he slips up and finds himself in the clutches of his manipulative boss, Peter Kullogh. Peter, an evil man, is hell bent on conquering the financial world. He sees an opportunity to use Ken as a pawn in his web of deceit to take over a huge conglomerate controlled by the Saint Clarence family. Ken‚Äôs only way out of the mess is to be part of a dangerous gambit, which could cost him his life.


life, relationship, work, real, bdsm, domination, submission, crossdressing, bondage, mistress, slave, master, gender bending, transgender, sm, femdom, corset, ropes, leather, maledom, choices, modification, caging, grey areas

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SGGURLS’ 3rd Anniversary

December 6, 2010

SGGURLS’ 3rd Anniversary

nicolesingslave Dec 04, 2010
3-4th of December

Once a year, SGGURLS claims a few days in the name of all gurls. People from all walks of life, unfurl their jelously guarded sail to join hands in celebration of acceptance. The gurls elate their gender transient state and know that in this small piece of heaven, there will be no gate villian barring their entrance.

SGGURLS' 3rd Anniversary photo 1

Friday through Saturday, the makeover and photoshoot sessions were in full motion. Magic skin lotion transformed ordinary mortals into angels worthy of any murals. Jesse of AFA,¬†tirelessly fought through¬†a fever, to make the event ritzy. The¬†educational AIDS talk and free test manned by¬†Jess’ friendly¬†AFA colleagues were¬†like icing on¬†a cake.¬†HIV negative and matching smiles were far better rewards than¬†the¬†infinite wealth of any¬†sheik.

SGGURLS' 3rd Anniversary photo 2

Kayla, our Maestra extraordinaire, masterfully pull the troops together to make the event a successful one. Thankyou to all the SGGURLS organisers for making this event a memorable one.

For more on SGGURLS, a Singapore based transgender networking and social group, please go to; or find us on facebook,

A saturday night of umbrella drinks

August 30, 2009

A saturday night of umbrella drinks

Singapore, 30th August 2009.

It was a nights when good friends met for a round of umbrella drinks to exchange experience about our personal trek through the bleakest economic winter. It has been tough for everyone and the tired smiles showed. The consensus is that things are improving and Singapore has been luckier than most places. There was a brief discussion of the slow pace of the Calendar 2010 project. *Choke* Well, with everyone working multiple jobs to stay afloat is not a wonder that there was miniscule progress made. It takes time, energy, patience and faith to transforms free spirited friends into a cohesive work team.

A very deep philosophical discussion cropped up. The topic revolved around dealing with personal issues and revealing the hidden half to loved ones. Adaline gave us two wise advises when it came to opening the closet: one has to consider
the consequence¬†from¬†the wider social circle and one’s ability to take gossips in stride.¬†There¬†were¬†five¬†obvious¬†facets to transitioning¬†that we¬†could conclude.¬†Life is a journey with¬†a¬†start and an end.¬†In the course of the¬†journey, we¬†will learn as well as¬†educate others. Thirdly, the destination is not as important as the journey. It’s like climbing up a beautiful mountain early in the morning to admire the sunrise for¬†a few hours. Eventually we have to descent. Fourthly, we can’t¬†escape from the circle of people¬†whom we are associated with no matter how hard we try. Lastly, how we treat others is important. The fourth and¬†last¬†conclusions¬†were derived¬†by¬†looking¬†at how human¬†lives were designed: we are meant to learn and teach.¬†The endeavor to unleash the inner student and teacher requires tremendous¬†courage. After the dizzy round of deep discussions, the gurls went over to Dixie’s for a few rounds of pool.


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