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SGGURLS: meet the moderator night

October 10, 2010

9th October 2010.

Nothing beats a night of good food in a great restaurant that reserves the best seats for its trangenders patrons and their friends. Gardenslug‘s staff greeted us with winks and smiles, so putting up our petite feet up was no big feat. SGGURLS: meet the moderator night photo 1

Ssssslowly but sssssurely, the rest of the SGGURLS sssssstrolled in. Des and Jess were the only time keepers of punctuality; bless their souls! Our resident blonde bimbo booked a place that closed at 10 so when the other half of the Moderators finally showed up, the restaurant had to close and we had to wind up our meeting.

SGGURLS: meet the moderator night photo 2

Gurls will be gurls: we didn’t really get down to business until the we were done chasing down villous news. It’s difficult to focus when we had on the menu sexy muumuus on sale, a secret marriage in May, a pack of 003 condoms, lolita foreplay that angered the members of cosplay, the sparks from the Dark movements disputing monarchs and a corporate buyout. 

SGGURLS: meet the moderator night photo 3

The basic plan that we were reached were:

i. yaaaay … we got a Chalet

ii. the SGGURLS anniversary will be on 3rd(Fri)-4th(Sat) of December

iii. Jess from AFA will help us with the program.


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