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February 28, 2010


It’s been quite a while since I visited Andie in his shop, StylePlanet. My heart was like an unbridal stallion further making me realize that the old U-bahn seemed to chug along like a grandma snail. I must have flown out Goetheplatz as it took almost no time at all to get to Styleplanet. On my way there, I found a new SM bar called the "Kinky bar". It looked good from the outside. 

When I got to Styleplanet, Andie looked the same as I last left him. I could have sworn that this was the same shirt and jeans he wore two years ago on this same date. Andie was his usual self, super busy with making sure people look super in their chosen gummy & leder.

Andie started his Cappucino machine. The man is extremely particular about his coffee. I had no problems making myself at home. I wish my gurlfriends in Singapore could meet Andie. He’s a gem in a million. Easy going and of course dangerously good looking. While Andie fastidiously tend to the never ending stream of customers, I chose about two dozen outfits. Time evaporated like ether. Andie finally inspected my selection. He asked me to put them on grumbled "sehen aus wie eine alte Jungfer" or was it "Kleidung der alten Jungfer". He refused to sell me any of the things, I had chosen. We discussed the look that I wanted over a few rounds of fantastic tasting coffee. Andie ran around his shop like a fashion Flash grabbing things here and there. All I saw was a blurred image of the fashionista putting things on the dresser and the doppler effect of "Verschleiß dieser … Verschleiß dieser…dieser…". I trusted him implicitly as his outfit won me the best dressed competition in Shanghai’s biggest halloween party held in Shanghai Studio.

More cappucinos and much hard work of dressing up, I chose some amazing outfit. Some are on order for my next visit.  I can’t wait to wear this to some SM events & private plays.