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Finally unwrapped my birthday and valentine gift…

February 19, 2017

…from Master Frank of Perth. 2 weeks ago I put on the PVC outfit without looking at the other bondage goodies. Life doesn’t wait for one to catch up. Today I had about one hour so I finally unwrapped the remaining gifts.Since I couldn’t find a photographer without benefits a selfie stick would have to do. These toys are exclusively for my benefactor and I so no second dips for anyone.


The thongs were so comfy and sexy.

There were other interesting bondage gears. Here they are laid up.

The locking penis gag and restraint systems are very interesting. The restraint system will make sense only when you’re here.

So here goes putting on the gears. First the latex. To get into the latex I had to wear panty hose first. The latex suit fit perfectly.

The bondage gears are simple with velcro and clips. It won’t hold an escape artist like me. So a simple shrimp / fetal position so that I can operate the selfie stick.

The penis gag did keep me quiet. I love it that it’s lockable. I just love chains and love. It’s a psychological thingy as I can escape from most rope bondage.

This is a closer look at the velcro shackles. The metal clip are quite flimsy and can break quite easily if I tug at it hard enough especially when I reach orgasm…:-P



An incredible birthday…

February 1, 2017
FB has a 5000 limits on friends. I made two accounts and it looks like I may need three. Thank you so much for your well wishes privately and on my timeline: 297 on my timeline and 220 privately. Thank you thank you so much.

My sister Adaline gave me a cuddly gift and a beautiful birthday cake. All my friends helped me celebrate my birthday.

A big surprise came in from Master Frank of Perth. Probably becaue I am such a perv…hee hee.

Singapore: August BDSM Munch

August 28, 2009

Singapore: August BDSM Munch

28th August 2009



2 weeks before our munch, we still had not found a suitable place to host this month’s BDSM munch. Our beloved bar, DYMK, was moving to a new location. Thus, the hunt for a new home started. Our SM moderators and community suggested, short listed and debated. But the finicky group could not settle for a place. The last few days to D-day, we finally decided on a place called Oohtique ( A few of the moderators reconnoitered the place and gave their thumbs up.

It was my first time in Oohtique and it was love at first sight. The place is private, cosy and most importantly classy. Oohtique is a gurls dream come true: a bar attached to a private shopping mall. Oohtique sells exquisite lingeries, imported dresses and decadent TOYS :-). The 70% discount sign just made this gurl drool. I finally met the OMG super gorgeous owner, Michelle, and her sexy assistant.

This August munch easily saw 25-30 participants with luminaries like the chairman of SDAM, gifted artists, busy execs and a founder of an SM bar in Thailand. There were plenty of hooks & crannies in Ootique for people to chit-chat privately. There was a lovely massage cum bondage bed in the main lounge. As the night wore on, people loosen up with Oohtique’s cocktails and chilled beer. The ambience was the perfect mood setter for play. Master Alex (our very own Shibari expert) worked his ropes on hapless Annie. Before too long, Annie was hogtied on the bondage bed. We got to try all kinds of wonderful toys brought by Master JP. Mistress Karen did a demo on how to properly use the crop and flogger. Ouches & ooohs filled the room. The newbies watched with mouth opened and the lifestylers smiled. Of course, there was the constant SSC reminder (safe, sane & consensual) generously dished out by the moderators.

Ootique was kind enough to keep the place open until the last of us left. It was a perfect evening in a perfect place that set the mood for kink lubricated by delicious drinks served by the sexy Oohtique team.

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