Finally back on my feet

20170623_004.jpgI had a real bad fall last week.The gash is quite a foot long. and ran quite deep.
Lucky for me I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve. Most worrisome was my left lower leg felt numb.
Being permamently paralyzed wasn’t far from my mind.
Wiith an ungainly left gait and a gaping scar, I had been very reluctaant to leave the house. I have been kinda of moody for the whole week. Finally my best friend had enough my melancholy and urged me to get dress for dinner rather than just louging around the house. I tried my favorite pair of red heels. Not exactly elegant but it’s nice to get back into my size 7.

We did end up going to our favorite restaurant in Joo Chiat which I have not gone for about a week.
20170626_025.jpg As long as I am mobile again, the scar is a small price.


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