April 2017 Moderator Meet: the aftermath

It’s our first moderator meeting after the departure of the old guards. An aftermath that spells start over. I am the old gurl in the group and the generation gap is big. I saw one of the gurls grow up and now living full time as a transwoman. SGGURLS began when the phone and camera were two different devices and phones were bricks. One of the mods commented that I still look the same as 10 years ago. (LOL jialat no progress).

Key on the night’s agenda were what had happened and what’s the splinter group doing. Typical of me, I address the simple one first.
What the splinter group is doing? I really don’t know and don’t care. There are many groups before and after the birth of SGGURLS. Here’s a listing contemporary trans groups: http://oogachaga.com/congregaytion/website/detail/7
Groups are created when people gravitate to each other. When the chemistry is gone, people go their own way. That’s just life. The more groups that exist in Singapore or SE Asia, the better it is for the LGBT community. Diversity means more options.

SGGURLs event if organized by me will always be indoors, fully airconditioned, quiet places with enough ambient music. Of course, some of the members out grew my taste.

The new football club does BBQ and beer guzzling events, Super for people who love sweat, outdoors and getting drunk. I am a lounge lizard and outdoors …naaahhhh. Beer? Naaaahhhhh.

Prior to football club was the Secret Agent Group of gurls who parties in high end clubs. LOL, ya I know about the not so secret agent club and their secret changing place in Parkway Center, right Agent K?

There was also a group of gurls who set up an apartment in Paya Lebar. For a nominal fee, gurls can dress up, rent a locker to store their stuff. That was a good idea but with high rental in Singapore it’s got to cater to a much wider audience to be commercially viable.

SIS is an activist group set up artist Marla Bendini and talented designer Trish (designer of our SGGURLS) group. SIS champions transgender rights and represents us in PinkDot.

My last mention was the group that organized the trans Pagent. Again great idea but after the first pagent, the organizers (most of are from SGGURLS) fizzled out.

What happened in SGGURLS that caused the old guards to be ejected? There were 1 co-founder (Adaline) and 5 gurls ejected.  Co-founder Adaline was expelled, for two reasons and both related the SGGURL events she organized. The first was the BBQ event which she promoted with much fanfare, later said was cancelled but actually took place. The second was SGGURLS March meet which she had grandly advertised, on the day of the event abandoned and lied to me that she had attend to something urgent. Something urgent meant catastrophy that involved the emergency room. Being in some bar in Golden Mile with our new homies does not qualify as catastrophic. The other 5 gurls who engaged in cyber bullying were also expelled. These explusions can be temporary if the gurls acknowledge their mistake and don’t repeat them. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

As the founder of SGGURLS, the problem is squarely on my breasts. An absent leader is not much of a leader. This will continue to plague SGGURLS as work eats up my whole life. I do wish I can just up and leave to correct the biggest problem in my life: being born in the wrong gender. Unfortunately, SRS is not the end of the journey and thinking of the journey after next keeps me up at night toling away. Being just a pretty face won’t pay the bills. This is third team running SGGURLS. Maybe third time is the charm and my successor is in plain sight.


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