A shy Jack on Thursday and Jacked down on Friday

A shy Jack on Thursday and Jacked down on Friday
Just came back from my first date in 2017.

A shy Jack and a first timer for a Thursday. Not exactly what I’ve hoped for. I guess techies are not exactly known for being flamboyant. Steve Jobs’ women were Amanii (Apple, Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone). I guess I just became another alphabet for sJ.

Friday was suppoed to be Jacked up with great dates: a BDSM play session and seconds with sJ. BDSM became Be Dreaming and Sleeeping by Myself. sJ messaged me when I was half way through war of the worlds in my dream and I had my minions eating from the palm of my hands. They had to eat humans and spoit my world domination plans. I was so super tired when I woke up 10:00 am in the morning ( the next day). Managing those martians can be very tough. Next time I try ruling the Venusians.

Transgender: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls
BDSM: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bdsmasianetwork

P.S. Not everyone is deviant in the group. I am the queen of elevated deviancies. :p

Current Location: singapore

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