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When can you get three gurls to do blow jobs?

January 21, 2017
When it’s their birthdays.
SGGURLS 2017 January meet started with the celebration of three gurls birthdays: Adaline, Nic, Regina


2017 started well. It’s good to see our sistas once a month and to know that everyone is okay. Cake and wine on a Friday night with good friends. The best way to spend the night.

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A few admirers sent me a some angry notes last night during the meet which I realized only next day. I can’t help you if dare not come in and meet the gurls. None of the SGGURLS moderators can help you forge courage. In our group the admirers who meet us become our friends. Friends have no labels. Whilst sex is the primary driver of why an admirer approaches us, being friends first is the key. Admirers are always welcome to SGGURLS meets. During the meets, don’t expect us to answer your messages or come escort you unless you are the Sultan of Blink blink.

I love my bear bear from Adaline.


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