Xmas wouldn’t be the same without your best friends.That is all one needs to remember the great times in 2016. A smile, a hug, a kiss. They are fragant petals in our lives that makes awesome memories.
Adaline prepared all these gifts for our friends who attended our Xmas meet. Esther brought wine. The remaining surprise Xmas gifts are still with me. If you would like them, we may have a meet next Friday.
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The face of SGGURLS has changed over times but what has remained is friendship. Like any successful groups, there must be love. A mission. Passion. SGGURLS mission has been to create space and time for trans to come out and tell the world “I exist”. Its not a difficult mission but one that is thankless. The moderators of SGGURLS don’t get paid and often become a lightning rod for many difficult times especially when members wage war with each other. Other than the simple mission, there is no agenda.

From all of us in SGGURLS, merry Xxxmas and Happy 2017. May you be in love all the time.


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