Friday’s Curry Gurl  

2016 has slipped by faster than a slippery eel. I was looking forward to seeing JL in my office but he had a client the last minute. I got my finger working …on my computer… not diddling myself if that’s what I got you thinking. Friday was shaping to be a bust with my gurlfriend Esther not feeling well from taking too much spiro. RC messaged me that he can pick me up from my place and Esther green light our meet in 8B BQ for F’s meetup session. $5.00 drinks for ladies. That is the only reason Esther and I frequent F’s meetup session. Red, White, Vodka w Soda, beer..for S$5.00.

I’m meeting RC for the first time. I thought RC was Ricky Chan. But he turned out better than Jacky Chan. RC is any ladies’ dream: tall, suave, down to earth, easy to converse. Eventually we found ourselves in Dhoom. We couldn’t go in the last time because it was reserved for Indian gents. LOL with RC, we got in.

The girls in Dhoom were super gorgeous. It was like a page out of Bollywood. The drinks however were super super EX. I fainted when I saw how much they charged for a jug of Tiger. I didn’t take any pics for the night save this two.

Nic Lave
Singapore’s first blond Ladyboy and proud of it.
SGGURLS, Singapore’s transgender forum,


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