Ditch the Date, Hardrock, Orchard Tower and a face from the past

An admirer picked up from my home. This is the second “date” we’ve had. I said I wanted to go to City Plaza to shop but he kicked up a fuss and wanted to take me to somewhere secluded so that we can feel my legs. Well these are signs for me to ditch the date. He did drop me off City Plaza and there’s where I ditched him for two pair of shorts @ S$10.00. Not bad. The lady was trying to sell me everything under her roof. She had some gems but most were very hideous looking clothes. She had a pair of super highheel for S$2.00 but it made me look like one of those china dolls.

I met up with Esther after my date fiasco. She was looking for a hard c*ck and though that she can find in hard rock through some dubious meetup group she signed up.

The place hasn’t changed a bit. I haven’t been to hardcck…oops…hardrock for 15 years.

The turn up for the meetup: a measely 4 pasley people, two women and two guys. The meetup was too lame. If I wanted to socialize, I would look for people with at least 2000 times more panache than these 4 yahoos nursing their drink looking forelornly at an empty dance floor. The place had a live band, packed and no place to sit. So i rescued Esther from a vapid night with 4 staled personalities.

We ended up in Orchard Towers. It’s there I saw a very old face from my past, one of our original SGGURLS. She stared at me for a very long time. I didn’t recognize her at first.  Finally, her identity came on me. It looked like she had gone through the washing machine, washed out all her male elements and boom came out as a girl. This explained some of the things she told me more than a decade ago. If she transitioned, she would disappear from our radar. And that she did.

Esther dressed quite respectably for the meetup.. For that reason, she.had no problem going in and out of pubs in Orchard Towers.
I got bounced from the lower level pubs that don’t allow ladyboys. We ended up in Crazy Horse on the fourth floor. A drink starts at S$18.00. A definite rip off and the girls there was waiting their white night oh I mean angmo to buy their drinks. I was so thirsty I will buy my own drink. The girls ther were super sexy and I got the number of their breast surgeon. There were quite a few men checking us out.

We went to Harry’s. I got bounced by as the bouncer told me straight off that no working girls allowed. :-O Hmmm…interesting… I kinda blended in with the rest of the working gurls in Orchard Tower too well. Esther liked Harry’s as it was a definite place to pick up angmos. I know as I keep getting stupid Ang Mo walking right into me and staring into me with their silly grin. At least if you walk up to me, offered me a drink, I wouldn’t be so annoyed. I now know the meaning of Ang Mo Kio (Kio = bridge). Ang Mo Kio probably built by some jiobu for stupid Ang Mo’s who don’t know how to walk. Leave it to cheeky Singaporeans. Harry’s was defintely not a good place for me as the big size manager thought I just stumbled in from Orchard Tower to look for my next John and bounced me out.

Well Esther was sporting enough to leave with me. She was all settled in Harrys for their fish and chips.

I am not as much into these meetup groups as Esther. I guess maybe i am not looking for any partners. Just a place to hangout. I do like shopping and which gurl don’t. If you like shopping, hit me up.

SGGURLS forum, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls


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