She+Pride 1st Anniversary  

Love the energy of the She+Pride. Reminded me when SGGURLS had its one year anniversary. The party was packed with 120-150 fun people. I’ve forgotten how cool LBTQ parties were.

We were treated with 3 performances from the fabulous Chili perform. She has performed all over SE Asia (Taiwan, Bangkok, etc.). Quite remarkable for this young university graduate to balance studies with fun.

Interestingly I met quite a few gurls. I thought I knew most of the gurls in Singapore and I also thought that i was the only blonde in the trans circle.  LOL, apparently not in both cases. I met quite a few new faces that have been out partying regularly and are quite well known in the She+Pride circle. Some gurls are very camera shy but some are picture perfect.

Esther and I represented SGGURLS. The party was very well run with greeters, collection points and the moderators tirelessly going around to make sure everyone was having fun. Nicely done to the She+Pride moderators. Check out the sponsors for She+Pride.


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