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SGGURLS 2016 Sept Meet  

September 30, 2016
it’s good to have the SGGURLS meet resume again. We have new faces (not in pic) and old faces (not in pic).


BDSM questionnaire  

September 25, 2016
Comparison to 2014
2016 results
97% Rope bunny
96% Switch
93% Experimentalist
91% Non-monogamist
78% Submissive
77% Pet
73% Rigger
66% Master/Mistress
64% Slave
62% Dominant
60% Owner
56% Brat tamer
54% Primal (Prey)
52% Exhibitionist
49% Brat
47% Primal (Hunter)
46% Degradee
46% Voyeur
39% Masochist
37% Daddy/Mommy
34% Girl/Boy
33% Sadist
30% Ageplayer
29% Degrader
23% Vanilla
Current Location: singapore

She+Pride 1st Anniversary  

September 25, 2016
Love the energy of the She+Pride. Reminded me when SGGURLS had its one year anniversary. The party was packed with 120-150 fun people. I’ve forgotten how cool LBTQ parties were.

We were treated with 3 performances from the fabulous Chili perform. She has performed all over SE Asia (Taiwan, Bangkok, etc.). Quite remarkable for this young university graduate to balance studies with fun.

Interestingly I met quite a few gurls. I thought I knew most of the gurls in Singapore and I also thought that i was the only blonde in the trans circle.  LOL, apparently not in both cases. I met quite a few new faces that have been out partying regularly and are quite well known in the She+Pride circle. Some gurls are very camera shy but some are picture perfect.

Esther and I represented SGGURLS. The party was very well run with greeters, collection points and the moderators tirelessly going around to make sure everyone was having fun. Nicely done to the She+Pride moderators. Check out the sponsors for She+Pride.

BDSM session and a missed date  

September 2, 2016
Thank you so much Master Frank for this beautiful outfit. I am waiting for your visit. Hope to see you soon. You have exqusite taste.

Just think of my legs wrapped around you.

It’s fantastic to meet up with the lovely Princess Ammy after such a long time.
Princess Ammy warming up my bom bom..:-O

I should have stayed on and drink wine with Somsak and Princess Ammy. Roy dropped me off in my next party location. I was a bit dismayed to have found that my date abandoned me. 😦

So I went home.

Current Location: singapore