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SGGURLS 8th Anniversary

November 15, 2015
SGGURLS 8th Anniversary
20151114 Singapore

SGGURLS celebrated it’s 8th anniversary on Saturday with new and old friends.
Des, Nic and Adaline, the founders of SGGURLS kept the torch burning for other gurls. Why do gurls need a beacon? Everyone needs a beacon in life. A light in the dark to assure other gurls that they are not alone. They can be accepted and there is a place for the in the greater scheme of things.

Esther SGGURL’s mod presented Ada and Nic an expensive bottle of red wine (1997) from her collection.

SGGURLS has several moderators. Some active, some playful some dormant. They are listed here,
Most SGGURLS are friends in real life, in and out of meets. Most of the time we just like chilling out, chatting and watching movie.

We were watching Adaline’s wonderful compliation of SGGURLS from the last 7 years.
Sggurls is a meeting of friends. It’s not so much a group but rather a philosophy where we are humans facing challenges especially gender dysphoria. SGGURLS though mostly made up of transgenders, is a nexus where diversity, respect and friendship meet. Anyone can be a Singapore Gurl. Most important is being non-judgemental. Transgenders occupies a large rainbow spectrum from gurls just starting out to gurls who have transited to full womanhood.

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