A jerk for a date…

I date almost every week. Some partners are priceless, some are okay and some just OMG there exist such human beings? Last night, someone who had reached out to me for awhile said they wanted to have a date. I said yes. Our date was set at 8:45 and yes I showed up late. Its an unwritten rule gentlemen, gurls & girls can be late. Why? Well this was for you…The clock says 8:55pm in the next picture. I launched my yahoo chat as this how we had communicated. This joker told me that he came at 8:25 and waited until 8:55pm. I never ask any him to come at 8:25pm and sit in the cafe and be bored. It’s just idiotic. He said that if I am going to be 10 minute late I have to SMS him. Seriously a brain damaged dullard? Everytime when we talk on yahoo, I am quite specific, I use only facebook chat, yahoo mobile chat and skype. The person cannot use skype as its for business. I don’t use my phone  as I don’t want jerks like him messaging me all day long. We video cammed. He said he’s 40 years old, his wife is away and he wants to explore. OMG do I look like a fucking escort? He wants me to bring my SM gear and use it on him. He works from him but has all the free time in the world. He’s too cheap to go buy his own toys. “Ohhh I luv my wife so much…but she’s too stiff for the kind of sex you can provide me.” I almost puke my brains out at such cheesy lines. Here’s another good one: “my gf in Thailand brought a TS and it opened up my horizon. Please do me. I have not swalled before.” Not only did I roll my eyes, puke my brains out but immediately put him on the moron list. He’s been going around our tgurl circuit messaging gurls. If you don’t want a jerk for a date, avoid this idiot like the plaque. So here I am dateless because of an amazing jerk…


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