San Franciso, SM and Tgurls

6th November 2010

San Francisco.

Parking in SF was hell for this Singapore belle. The race for a parking space and the queen’s ransom to keep the SFPD’s steel vice off my wheels left a bad taste especially when I want to spend $$$ in the glbt capital. Shopping was a bust: Piedmont at the Haight was a tourist baiter, Stormy Leather was a-shuttered and Mr. S Leather was no better. San Fran, my dear San Fran, where’s your rumble?

Yelp’s recommendation of Brenda’s was no help. The biscuit was just too hard. Coffee tasted bland at Wicked Grounds and worst still was the staff who seemed dumbfounded by the SM events posted on the cafe’s calendar. San Fran where the your vibe? I went to SF Citadel hoping to shake off the cold spell. It started well when a soft-spoken chivalrous gentleman declared Fifi and I his guests. We saved a fifty and I flashed a wily smile. He showed us around from the table with bad tasting dumplings to the dungeon underground. Things were turning around I thought. I must have sunk to new lows when I went below. I should have taken a prozac. To be exact, I saw no skills at play. San Fran, my dear San Fran, what happened to you while I was away? Screaming slaves and a punching bag were not why I put on my best drags. Our chivalrous gentleman took an early exit. He must have felt the way I did. Fifi had to help kept the few throlls at bay.

Finally, I had enough of leather and rubber and went to Marlena’s to meet up with my gorgeous sistas. It was the best choice I made eventhough I was too hot in my latex dress. Dejavu: I sure miss my gurls, Terrence and Backstage.


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