Why me?

I get tonnes of mail like this. I am wondering what have I done so bad to deserve really stupid mails like these? “Straight as an arrow?”  Geez…


Hi nicolesing

The following message was sent by madtham2 and has been stored in your messagebox.

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From: madtham2

wow babe, you are hot. Kudo’s to the way you look. Would love to worship every inch of yr body with my tongue. esp yr nipples and butt. I have always been top never btmed out before. I have sucked a tranny’s cock once. It was bigger than mine and i was curious so she dressed me up with a wig, some make up and a dress. i was the ugliest drag ever LOL. Well, i had to feel fem to behave fem i guess. But it was a whole new feeling. I am however, very manly looking, str as an arrow acting and a butt virgin. sad to say, i have not really taken gd care of my physic as of late


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