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A sort of homecoming

May 23, 2010

A sort of homecoming

22 May 2010, Sweltering Singapore.

It’s been a hectic four months of travelling from Munich to New Brunswick, studying and doing research for a technology project. It should be fun but the intense paper chase at a daunting pace felt like a lesion in the tushy. It’s nice to be back in Singapore even for a short while. I’d plan to go see Marla’s art exhibition on Saturday which I heard rave reviews. Unfortunately, even the best of plans go askew. As the evening finally wind down, a few of us who could make it to Backstage, caught up with each other. We had a lovely time. In between the pilsners and banter, I finally caught up with four months of events.


A lot had happened when I was away. A new star rose from the runway. She founded SIS ("Sisters in Solidarity") to fight discrimination, pushed SIS with other transwomen in Singapore’s biggest glbt event, won the best show-womanship in a poledancing competition and completed a major art exhibition / show in a space of a few months.  I guess she went to places and set a new yardstick for many of us who had long cowled in defeat. If this world was the Matrix, I’m the happy Morpheus finally discovering the elusive Neo.  


 Marla deserves our support and we should do no more. Thanks to the sisters like Trish, Rose, Leona, Claudia and many sympathetic friends who were behind this brave lass who’s had enough with indignant trespass.


For more on transgenders in Singapore & Asia, please visit:









Why me?

May 11, 2010

I get tonnes of mail like this. I am wondering what have I done so bad to deserve really stupid mails like these? “Straight as an arrow?”  Geez…


Hi nicolesing

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From: madtham2

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