Straight guys

Straight guys

I constantly get unwanted contacts from self-professed STRAIGHT guys wanting to sleep with me, buy my time, dominate me or me dominate them. It’s a real turn off. These idiots don’t even bother to read my profile. I am a transgurl. You won’t be talking to me if you’ve not dreamt of having a big log in your mouth. Most of these so called "STRAIGHT" guys, have their legs pointing up the ceiling the moment they hit the sack. Geez… so much for false machismo: all muscle,  no brain and no heart. I prefer someone straight and honest. Come up to me and admit that you’re bisexual. That’ll get you to first base. This is quick sign to tell me that you’re aware of your own sexuality and not some inept undeveloped sexual geek.

As a transgurl, I can understand the bullshit that women endure. It’s a damn big pile. Sometimes it’s just plain weird shit that falls into my mailbox. Most of all my relationship are with women, transgurl and a minority of men. I can afford to be very selective. I don’t want to date ninjas, tiny brinjals, weird dogs, wired junkies, smelly monkies and stupid donkeys,



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