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Bye bye old man winter

March 7, 2010

Bye bye old man winter

Dying breath of old man winter:

Spring is finally here:

I was looking forward to this:

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March 7, 2010


It’s been quite a while since I visited Andie in his shop, StylePlanet. My heart beat like an unbridled stallion making me old U-bahn seem to chug along slower than a grandma snail. I must have flown out Goetheplatz as I was at Styleplanet in five minutes flat. On my way, I did stop to smell the roses. I found a new SM bar called the “Kinky bar”. It looked good from the outside.

When I got to Styleplanet, Andie looked the same as I last left him. I could have sworn that, he had on the same shirt and jeans two years ago on this same date. Andie was his usual self, busy busy as a bee making sure people look super sexy in their chosen gummy & leder.

Andie cranked up his high-tech Cappuccino machine for me. The man is extremely particular about his coffee. I had no problems making myself at home. I wish my gurlfriends in Singapore could meet Andie. He’s a gem in a million,easy going and of course dangerously good looking. While Andie fastidiously tend to the never ending stream of customers, I chose about two dozen outfits. Time evaporated like ether. Andie finally inspected my selections. I did my little fashion show for Andie. He eyed me and grumbled “sehen aus wie eine alte Jungfer” or was it “Kleidung der alten Jungfer”. I took off all the clothes I had on and Andie adamantly refused to sell me any of the things I had chosen. Waaahhhh naked in a kinky shop. How much more kinky can we get? We discussed the look that I wanted over a few rounds of fantastic tasting coffee. Andie ran around his shop like Flash grabbing things here and there. All I saw was a blurred image of the fashionista putting things on the dresser and the doppler effect of “Verschleiß dieser … Verschleiß dieser…dieser…”. I trusted him implicitly as his outfit won me the best dressed competition in Shanghai’s biggest halloween party held in Shanghai Studio.

After more cappuccinos and much hard work dressing up, I chose some amazing outfits. Some are on order for my next visit. I can’t wait to wear this to some SM events & private plays.

When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

March 7, 2010

When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

Munchen’s weather had been unkind to me the whole week, cold rain in the night and I am stuck in meetings during the day. After a few nights of that crappy routine, I decided to brave the elements and go to KittyKat. In the past, the club was opened on Friday. I called Helmut on his mobile and spoke to him in my broken German. I thought I heard him say Freitag when in fact he said Partei am Samstag. Still dazed from my hectic two weeks, I guess I heard what I wanted to hear. I got out my PVC and went to Domakstrasse 33 at Schwabing. I had a bad feel of how things were going to be for the night when the cab driver couldn’t find the entrance. The normal entrance was blocked off by bank of pebbles. After twenty minutes on the walkie talkie, the cabbie finally found the obscure entrance. God blessed this young blonde man, not only did he not charge me the extra time but he even gave me a discount. :-O After he dropped me off, I went up to the the entrance only to find the dreaded five words: “CLOSE / SCHLIEßEN”. Drat, I am in a middle of an abandoned factory campus, wearing 6 inch stilleto boots and with at least 3 km to the main road. I took some photos and when I thought things can’t get worse, old man winter decided to take a piss.

I wandered in the dark for an eternity stumbling across my only souvenir for being there: “M XW7063”.

I was so glad when I finally flagged down a cab on the main road. The elderly cab driver was …er hemm… extremely interested in giving me more than a cab ride. I decided to ignore him and head to my favorite haunt in Munchen called MYLORD bar. The cold night was warmed up by the exchanges with the cab driver where I mostly uttered: “nein”,”nein”, “nein danke”, “vielleicht das nächste Mal”,”I Sitzung am Freunde”.”vielleicht das nächste Mal”, “nien, nein, danke.” When we got there, I was made out a liar. Oh my lord, the bar looked abandoned and desolated. I guess the downturn had been brutal. So at the end, mien Freitag abend war Scheisse!!

Hall of Shame on adultfriendfinder & alt

March 7, 2010

Hall of Shame on adultfriendfinder & alt

I have been a user of AFF & ALT for a long time. The member block feature is trully a blessing. I blocked off these members over time due to cock-pics in their profile, rudeness, lying, pretending to be someone , internet stalking, bad mouthing and many other shocking behaviour one would never find in real life. The statistics are revealing: 80% are men, 10% are men pretending to be women, 10% are headless or faceless trannies wearing either their Mom or wife’s panties. Anyone who wishes to experience the meaning of “assholes” or “dirty bastard”, do look up these individuals. Comprehension guaranteed. Member Adultfrienfinders Member
1delila13 22venture22
1tgirl alex32266
63339 andyjoyfun
ArabianDom4u assfaster
Arbalist2 bad_boyz1976
binbin1234 Ben30sg
BJwoodonfire best_happy_life
boobs221985 bluish201
brianmoto buff242
builder9169 crook00
customer3 cubspride345
daddyjake7023 Dani_zgz_21
DarleneOC daviddm777
demet_3517 deepdickin69
dogsbollocks69 eagle5552000
drugo2 fenerbahce03
DStigmatta9 fucker_asian
dyloon ghost882
elodie_tv2 hardgymboy
Eric_hardcock hardplayer96
ghost882 HeAdBaNgEr4_LiF3
Happy2serviceU hendrixfever50
Hazza82 hotboy0048
HeartODrk hugehard14u2try
hotstam hung9by42
imfuckyou hunglikeakitten
juicylucy2000 ilick1969
lanndinchoot3 imapricklol
lildik indiasin
lulutam2001 insider43
Mariko81 jbird4103
mattwillfuckyer joey101588
merdan27 jshaun21
MichelleLegs0340 KingSkurita
mike_halo kookie123
mistresssarah1 lizasnoop
nikki22 lockme_0
nycjim2 loveitall298
parbleu millertime915
paulh003 Miyuki_TS
pussycock79 moussemedoc
rachelbound nonmaiskoi
roberta10000 pitchperft
Rossifumi1978 PRamlee1000
Rotkopf3 pumuky0069
sailorboy002 Renny1953
sexystudent86 sailorboy002
SilkieRedQueen serrot4
silkworm696969 stickywhitesauce
Sir_Groonan terry_risingsun
staceylvsbond therain10000

Happy Valentine’s day

March 7, 2010

Happy Valentine’s day

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