When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

When in Germany, nicht Deutsch sprechen

Munchen’s weather had been unkind to me the whole week, cold rain in the night and I am stuck in meetings during the day. After a few nights of that crappy routine, I decided to brave the elements and go to KittyKat. In the past, the club was opened on Friday. I called Helmut on his mobile and spoke to him in my broken German. I thought heard him say Freitag when in fact he said Partei am Samstag. Still dazed from my hectic two weeks, I guess I heard what I wanted to hear. I got out my PVC and went to Domakstrasse 33 at Schwabing. I had a bad feel of how things were going to be for the night when the cab driver couldn’t find the entrance. The normal entrance was blocked off by bank of pebbles. After twenty minutes on the walkie talkie, the cabbie finally found the obscure entrance. God blessed this young blonde man, not only did he not charge me the extra time but he even gave me a discount. :-O After he dropped me off, I went up to the the entrance only to find the dreaded five words: "CLOSE / SCHLIEßEN". Drat, I am in a middle of an abandoned factory campus, wearing 6 inch stilleto boots and with at least 3 km to the main road. I took some photos and when I thought things can’t get worse, old man winter decided to take a piss. I wondered in the dark for an eternity stumbling across my only souvenir for being there: "M XW7063".

Was I glad when I finally flagged down a cab on the main road. The elderly cab driver was …er hemm… extremely interested in giving me more than a cab ride. I decided to my favorite haunt in Munchen called MYLORD bar. The cold night was warmed up by the exchanges with the cab driver where I mostly uttered: "nein","nein", "nein danke", "vielleicht das nächste Mal","I Sitzung am Freunde"."vielleicht das nächste Mal", "nien, nein, danke." Oh my lord, the bar looked abandoned and desolated. I guess the downturn had been brutal. So at the end, my Freitag abend is: Scheisse!!


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