First outing of 2010

First outing of 2010

Singapore, 2nd January 2010.

We decided to start off 2010 by chilling out in an uber cool bar that had disappeared for a few months only to resurrect at 41A Neil Road. We were relieve to find that the new DMYK had retained its distinctive style & decor. It may end our dry spell for classy bars.

Can one expect pizzazz from a bar with techno jazz? Yes! I swore I was in the Alpha Chi sorority with it’s bevy of beautiful gurls and their heavenly curves. But alas! No luck for this blonde lesbian tigress. The gurls just wanted to dance with good looking musclemen with strong lances. We headed for PLAY, the purported gateway to getting laid. Enroute, we were treated to wolfy smiles and growls by old prunes under the light of a full moon. Twiglight reprised too soon? Arghhh… double step, platoon. There was a line outside the archway. 15 dollars said the gate’s milkmaid. Some of the beauties said, I am paying only if the barmaid lubes up.  LINEUP said the guard. Some of the beauties did, some batted their eyelid and left for Dixies. Two tried to slip under the curfew manned by Harpies for parents.

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