An excellent Pattaya Adventure

An excellent Pattaya Adventure

14th December 2009.

Pattaya, Thailand.

I finally met the bubbly and irrepressible leader of Bangkoktrans, Kate. I was pleasantly surprised to meet her enfemme. She femmed out for fear that I may not recognise her. The drive from Bangkok International Airport to Pattaya was extremely educational. In the two hours’ drive, I learned about the amazing story of Bangkoktrans and its founder Leslie. It was a tragic love story that still made Kate’s voice waver.

Kate and Jules decided to crash with me at Pattaya for the night. We dropped off all out stuff and we were off. Kate took us to the top of Pattaya to view the city lights. The view was breathtaking. I could feel the vibrancy of the city life below…or was it the growl of the hound of Baskerville making mince meat out of a street dog?

We visited Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. It was everything that I had read and more. Soi 15 seems to have been taken over by middle-easterners. The streets were lined with hookahs and of course the hookers were further down the road. Besides the maddening nightlife filled with buckets of sleaze to make Amsterdam look like a second rate triple X city, the shopping prospects made this gurl salivate. I saw very pretty dresses going for 199THB each (9 sgd / 45 RMB). Gosh, I didn’t care if they were fakes or if would last a week, the merchandise just look too good.

Kate brought Jules and me to a “Thai Girl” farm the next day. LOL, I am afraid I can’t reveal this exotic location. Let’s just say that it’s filled sexy cats. The place is sizzling hot. So be certain to wear 6″ heels and glam up for a fabulously hot time. Oh get ready to have your photo taken with lots and lots of admirers. We decided to cool down back at Walking Street where we dined like Kings…er… queens.

Kate left us the next day but Jules accompanied me for more shopping mania. Before Kate left she set me up for an interview with the world famous Alcazar cabaret. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I slept nary a wink. Not because of the impending interview but because of the wonderful SHOPPING that lay ahead. We broke the bank buying makeups, hand bags, heels, t-shirts, gifts, dresses and lingerie. I found a brand of lingerie called Elfe which I have not seen anywhere else in Asia.

Evening rolled around quickly. We were lucky since my SM mission went bust. The additional time made sure that I could prepare for my appointment with my knock-dead gorgeous potential boss at Alcazar. We attended the 8pm show as requested by the alluring Ms. Apple (manager of Alcazar); gosh it’s so wrong to think of one’s potential boss in such a manner & please kick my butt Buddha. Thank you. During the hour plus show, I was to pick out parts that I could fit in. I guess I know I should wear my analysis lens but I was too mesmerised by the exquisite ladyboys. My oh my, they were enticing. When the show ended, I met Ms. Apple. She explained the drills of participating in the cabaret. I forgot most of what she said. It was so difficult to focus.

Asia’s growing transgender network:

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