Let me count my luck….

Let me count my luck….

and here they are …

I have been chanting the mantras of turning the other cheek and of a half full glass. What else can a mortal do when old man Weather died and in his place is his PMS wife lashing out. While Mrs. Weather floods our home with rain and flood, Lady Greed has her hands firmly around the hearts of financiers. Thank goodness for Mr.Obama and the rest of the world leaders. The financial winter is almost over but yesterday the weather forecaster said that we can expect heavy rains in Singapore until January 2010. So more flash floods in Bukit Timah and Sixth Avenue, the homes of the riches financiers in Singapore.


Those who live in denial that the weather pattern hadn’t change, suffers from a tragic delusion of yester-century. Flood, hurricane, high energy prices, bad healthcare, unemployment and an ever shrinking paycheck are today’s norm. Every where there’s change and unfortunately the changes doesn’t seem to be for the better. We were told by our government that we have to work until we’re 65! Well I guess change has always been a strange bed-fellow to a transgender such as I. So what’s new when we face the bad, the ugly and the worse on a daily basis. We small band of gurls have found a slice of heaven, in the tight lgbt belt of Singapore, namely in Tanjong Pagar. With each other for solace, we find acceptance and friendship. So cheers to the rain which makes the sweet beer. We only pray that Lady Greed will release the hearts of bald fat bankers so that they can understand that the money and gold barsin their vault are belong to the caretakers wanting to make everyones’ lives better.


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