SGGURLS’ 2nd birthday

SGGURLS’ 2nd birthday

Singapore, 13th November 2009

The rain was relentless on Friday th 13th but it could not be more perfect for SGGURLS’ big bash. The temperature dropped from a smouldering 31 deg C to 26 deg C. Perfect for looking and feeling glam.


The Indonesian dishes piled on the kitchen table top tantalised our senses. If the food didn’t spice things up, our super emcee sure did. I was given the privilege to kick off SGGURLS’ program. Though it was an easy assignment, I had struggled with it for two weeks. There was a drought in the inspiration creek. It should not be suprising since the gurls had searched for the meaning of SGGURLS’ existence for two years. There I stood in my 5" heels in front of my friends, nervous like a newbie clown. Something unexpected happened when I looked around the gargantuan hall. In 35 pair of eyes, I found inspiration. I realised that they have enriched my life beyond any monies the world could offer. My mouth moved involuntarily. I started talking about the fabulous dishes that reflected the diversity of our group. That night, not only did the "T" in the lgbt celebrate but it was a night which we celebrated the enjoyment of each other’s uniqueness. When my short blurb was done, I was relieved but more importantly I was speechless that I found enlightenment in the most unexpected of times. 

SGGURLS’ very own diva, Destynee,  gave two awesome performances despite dancing with bruised ankles caused by her shoes. Still she danced her heart out. Kayla invited some of the gurls to speak of how they felt about SGGURLS. It was humbling and motivating to know that a group like SGGURLS meant so much to so many people. Adaline stepped forth and told us how SGGURLS got started. Deanna’s very frank testimonial melted our hearts. Florence, Elisa, Daniel (founder of SGB) shared their insights on transgender lives. Our multi-talented Trish, who made our beautiful logo, told us said that SGGURLS had encourage her to socialise more.

The star feature of the program entailed celebrating the birthdays of two very special friends, Rebec & Hendricka. Rebec has been very supportive of SGGURLS’. We met Rebec at Cows & Coolies. She made us feel at home when there were trepidations in our hearts. Our talented mujeres bonita,Claudia, graced us with two unforgettable spanish numbers. Kayla closed off the program with lucky draws. When the official program ended, the party went into fifth gear.

A big thank you the moderators who made this happened (a big giant hug to Kayla who was the anchor woman who made this happen, Trish, Ada, Des, Deanna, Elisa, Ivys’ Jr+Sr, Joy) and our friends who braved the rain to be with us.


For more on Asia’s transgenders, please visit the following sites.




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