Crashing a Hen Party

Crashing a Hen Party

11th October 2009


I think we may have found the second chick central in Singapore. I went there to meet my gurl and girl friends for a usual Saturday powwow. Lo and behold, when I stepped into Ootique there was a sexy dance class in progress. Alex & Shirley from SDAM ( joined our Sat night drinking session. I finally got to meet Alex whom I have had only perved on his facebook. He’s an awesome person in real life and looks so much better than the pics. Warren & partner joined in a little later. A quick kiss to my favorite in-house Sexologist, Dr. Martha Lee (, who saw to our creature comfort. Michelle, Ootique’s owner ( sported a new sexy blond look. Gosh, I wish I could just take these two back home with me. Once we were all settled down, we didn’t get to talk too much as our heads were permanently tilted towards the the pole dancing class and the ensuing hen party. Gosh, I am so addicted to women! The bevy of women were driving me nuts. There were a couple of women in there that looked like magazine models.

In the little discussion that we had, we did firm up a few things on Halloween night. Shirley said that she will get back to me on the bulk discounts for SDAM’s Halloween night. She told me that SDAM faces a big challenge on their 16th October ALTERNATION event in DXO ( Shirley said that she was confident that they will see about 80 pax but DXO, which is owned by NTUC, expects a minimum of 100 pax in order to continue making the space available to SDAM. So if anyone of you loves goth fetish art & indie music, write to Shirley (, alex ( or Saito ( or just go to their website to findout more about ALTERNATION (

As for our joint SM & trans halloween night, please do check our networks.


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Eros coaching (the only one of its kind in Singpaore):



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