Three Nines, a birthday, a head bunny and a hen party …

Three Nines, a birthday, a head bunny and a hen party …

19th Sept 2009


This Satuday I learned that sometimes last minute and no plan can be quixotic formulae for a fun filled night? It was an auspicious day with triple nines in a date, the eve of Hariraya Adilfitri and the first night after the Chinese hellgates closed. I was quite confident that things would workout eventhough it was the first time we held an SGGURLS outing in Ootique. We had to pickup a girlfriend of mine from the early SM days. She’s the archetype Singapore Airlines stewardess: exotic, beautiful, cool and oh so girly.

When we arrived in Ootique, there was a hen party in progress. I was absolutely delighted to see a bunch of beautiful girls (real girls mind you), spotting strap-ons and hopping around the shop. I just can’t help but grin silly at the much sexier versions of the Everready bunnies as they disappear into the horizon. We were greeted by Ootique’s resident sexologist, Dr, Martha Lee (a real life qualified clinical sexologist). Mistress Cyra spotted a wicked smile when I did the introductions. I wanted to ask but I had learned not to bug a beautiful woman on her bemusements. Martha gave Mistress Cyra and slave a tour of Ootique. When we entered into the toy shop, Tiffanie and Annie were like deers caught in headlights. They were hunched a display case ogglig at battery operated devices. 😛 Martha revealed that Michelle had been slowly stocking up very high quality adult toys. Ooo … i wanted them too. 

We waited patiently for our dear Trish to show. A few of us pooled our resources and send one of our dear friend on a brave mission to TCC to get an extravagant cheese cake. Our beautiful Trish finally showed up, much to our relief. The birthday celebration went in full swing. While we ate our cake and had fun, we decided to make full use of Mistress Cyra’s slave. In return for crashing the on-going Hen party, we made him give the beautiful bride-to-be a foot massage that rivaled Osim. 

Before more chaos and amorous activities set in, our head bunny, Kayla, called our SGGURLS’ meeting to order. On the agenda were the status of the 2010 calendar project, the donor’s money, the plans for the 2nd anniversary and halloween. No swords were crossed in the meeting but I can’t say the same for the two duelling nymphettes swashbuckling their red hot vibrators after the meeting. I am not sure what the gurls were doing to the two poor manequines. When midnight rolled by, the gurls were itching to go to Dixie’s for their round usual rounds of KTV and pool. I think the KTV and pool were not the attraction but the permission to smoke in an aircond room. As for the outcome of the meeting, I’ll leave our Chairwoman to announce them.


More on our transgurl groups and ootique, please visit the links.


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