SGGURLS’ mid-year Chalet Party

SGGURLS’ mid-year Chalet Party

4th of July, Singapore.

The chalet was crammed and the place crowded but it didn’t stop the 20 plus people from having lots of fun and good food. In case you’re wondering why all the pics were indoor, our camera women (Fifi + Kayla) didn’t take any photos outdoor because of poor ligthing. Of course our main photographer, Kayla, Elisa and Bobby were busy manning the BBQ pit.

We had a preview of the Calendar mockups done by our resident designer Trish Leong (who incidently designed the SGGURL’s logo) and Bobby who did the physical mock-up. The ideas were fantastic. There were some creative tension which are always wonderful when talents collide. Kayla ran through the processed pics. Its too bad that we have to shortlist them as they look simply divine. Bobby suggested choosing some of the pics from our outing as they had lots of candid moments. In most of our SGGRUL’s outings, the gurls tried create a journal to describe the things that we do. We have been successful in reaching out to many closet gurls that it is perfectly okay to come out and hang with us.  

Xiang Ning, Edwina, Ada, Des, Deanna and Nic had an interesting discussion about HRT especially the drastic transformation that the body will go through. The discussion centered around mood swings, dosage and the social perception of these changes. The topic was too complex to result in any conclusion. Nevertheless it was still stimulating to talk about something so touchy. We did touch a bit on our belated sister Mel. We hope that we can do something in her memory with the proceeds from the calendar.

Rose showed us her Facebook and some of her voluptious…er…beautiful girlfriends. Dessert was well served. During the BBQ, Ada and Des related a haunted tale of the chalet that we rented. Bobby said that it was probably a horny ghost looking for worn panties. :-O.

We are very happy to receive overwhelming support from our Andrew, Shaun, Rebec, Mr.Tan, Alice, Samantha, our dear founders of SGButterfly, Rose’s friends and some whom I have inadvertently forgotten. 😛

For more on Singapore’s transgender groups:

SG Butterfly 




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