SGGURLS 10th Moderator Meeting

SGGURLS 10th Moderator Meeting

Singapore, 25th April 2009

It was another hot night of 32 degrees in Singapore. I took a cab driver to find PLU cafe. The damn cabbie kept wanting to drop me off at KTV lounges. He eyed me from the rear view mirror and kept asking if I was going to work? I presume he thinks I am a KTV hostess. 😛 Jeez, I must improve my dressing.

When I finally to the PLU cafe, the staff was very friendly and hospitable. However, they have a strange custom in the cafe. To get to the cosy lounge upstairs, I had to take off my heels. Waaaahhhhh…. me without my heels? Anyways I acquiesced and went up stairs. I was pleasantly surprised by PLU cafe’s tatami laid back style lounge. It was love as first sight. Now I fully understand why Hendrika (also from the SDAM, SGDOMSUBS network) kept suggesting that we hold our meetings in PLU. Andrew the owner of the PLU cafe set us up well. We had an incredible comfy and cool corner with the air-conditioning just above us. He’s so thoughtful and it was heaven for us just to escape from the sweltering heat outside.


We had a fabulous night and a very eventful one. SGGURLS achieved another big milestone by electing its first ever Chairwoman, co-Chairwoman, Official Biawak (or Vice-Something ..can’t really remember but I think it’s got to do with vice), Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Marketing Office, Chief Event Organizer, Webmistress, Liaison Officers to the various networks. I won’t tell you who the names of the officers since I won’t steal the Chairwoman’s and co-Chairwoman’s thunder. They’ll do the announcement.


We met the beautiful Elisa for the first time. She’s very sexy and her photos don’t do her justice. We really need to get a pro-photographer to do a nice portfolio for the gurls. This is where the SGGURLS 2009 Calendar project comes to the rescue. Miss Destynee Chua the chief editor outlined the overall approach for putting the calendar together. It was very exciting to hear her ideas. I really can’t wait to get this thing off the ground. The gurls closed quite a lot of outstanding tasks that night. I was awed by how far the SGGURLS’ team has progressed. Some of the SGGURLS’ mods have really grown tremendously and have stepped up to the leadership role. The team survived the forming, storming and norming stages. They put together some very sophisticated and fun events which were like a 100 times better that last years. I will let the Chairwoman & co-chairwoman to announce these exciting events.



PLU cafe in Singapore:

Singapore transgender social and support network:



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  1. P Says:

    You are soo beautiful!! Yves

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