Singapore, 4th April 2009.

It was a warm night but the 31 degree celcius didn’t stop the gurls from romping around town having a fabulous time eating, shopping, catching a movie "Confession of a Shopaholic", having dinner and chilling out in the hottest lesbian bar in town (TOCAME). We caught up with old friends whom we haven’t seen for a very long time. Some as long as 5 months (right, Ivy?). There were a lot of hot topics that were brought forth but not before playful Nic got the SM stuff out of her blood. This was unfortunate (or would be more appropriate to say, it was fortunate) for Adaline. The gurls indulged in a little photo taking so that to remember that friends matter. One can never have too many friends. Friends help us remember the good, the fun and the silly times. There was laughter, tears and lots of goofing around.

When we were a little bit more settled, the hot topics poured out. They were Hendrika’s Fetish Ball 2009 plans, SGGURLS’ 2010 Calendar, Adaline’s Clothes X-change party, SGB’s request for SGGURLS’ participation on PLU Indignation and finalisation of the Bangkok Trip next week. The topics were no doubt hot and requries a longer discussion but with the Taiwnese version of beat it blaring in the background (,)  it’s hard to get into in-depth discussions. We touched on the topics at a very surface level.

Some headway was made for SGGURLS’ 2010 Calendar. Destynee will be our calendar’s Editor in Chief, Trish our Chief Graphic Designer, Zermine & Bobby will be our photographers, and Nic will be the overall gopher. Our good friends who happened to be also the Tocame owners agreed to be one of the locales for our photoshoot.

Hendrika and Nic brainstormed for the Fetish Ball 2009. We have to merge some of our meets together and jointly do this with SDAM. The advantage is that Hendrika is also a SDAM mod.

There will be a group of gurls going to Bangkok this Tuesday. If anyone still wishes to go, please contact Adaline for our SGGURLS and BANGKOKTRANS joint agenda.

Edwina, Trish and Nic discussed SG Butterfly’s request for SGGURLS’ participation in PLU Indignation forum. There was some concerns but overall there were most positives, then negatives.


For more information on our groups, please visit us at:

Singapore transgender social and networking group –

Malaysia’s transgender social and networking group –

Bangkok’s transgender social and networking group –

BDSM social and networking groups ,

Hottest Lesbian lounte in town:


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