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Shanghai: first BDSM meet of 2009

February 2, 2009

Shanghai: first BDSM meet of 2009

31st January 2009.
Shanghai, China

It was the first the BDSM meet in for the Shanghai BDSM group for 2009. It started out a little slow. Mistress Fifi and Nicole were afraid that due to the Lunar New Year golden week, they would be the only two kinksters there.

The gorgeous Goddess Qing and Her slave, michelle, came by to check out the scene. Soon switch G and the sultry Mistress Woo joined the party. Slave jojo, slave michelle and slave roland had more than they bargained for when they ‘volunteered’ themselves as the Mistresses’ guinea pigs … er…."bondage models."  The three slaves were calling out, "救命 (jiu-ming)," in perfect Chinese. So it seems that we have found the best way to teach lao-wai’s how to speak Mandarin with perfect Chinese accent.  They were lucky as they have experience Mistresses as play partners.

Vision, co-owner of Frangipani, got into the act. "好玩儿 (hao wan’er)," exclaimed Vision as he got the hang of using the crop. Not too bad for a first timer!

Fifi explained the concept of a SAFE word in Chinese to the people who stood and watch with mouth gaping from the balcony.

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