Singapore: Lace 2 Lace Party

Singapore: Lace 2 Lace Party

Singapore, 14th December 2008.

Our deepest apologies for those that came to this party. Our usual space on the third floor at Backstage were renovated and we were not informed ahead of time. We were at the balcony for the most part until 10:30pm, we got a table in the bar. There were several people who came earlier. Sorry to have missed you if you couldn’t find us. The blonde mascot was late.

 Without our usual space, there was no chance for us to strip down to our intimate wear. We should have renamed this party, wear your lace inside your clothes and keep your clothes on party. 😦

Plan B kicked in. Once we had our table, we commenced with the main event which was to celebrate Ivy’s birthday. Ivy Sr. is one our lovely SGGURL moderator who we have had the pleasure of knowing more than a year ago. We still remembered Ivy Sr. was dress as a wicked witch with a Jaws head magic. She was in the original pic that graced our SGGURL’s site when it first started which we took at MOX. It’s hard to believe that the year had gone by so quickly.

 We had a round of agave fire water (80 proof) on the house after the cake cutting. That was enough to loosen up everyone especially the resident land croc. Nic was busy trying to figure out the laces underneath everyone’s clothes. See photo with a piece of thread still stuck in Nic’s teeth when she took a chomp out of Trisha’s bras strap.

We were in good spirits after the shots of tequila, we made our way to Cows & Coolies to meet up with Becky. There was some serious pool competition going on. Destinee tried her hand at pool. We were wondering if she was playing pool or just looking sexy.


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