SGGURLS 8th moderator meeting: following a dream

SGGURLS 8th moderator meeting: following a dream

SGGURLS 8th moderator meeting: following a dream

Singapore, 6th December 2008 

The SGGURLS 8th Moderator meeting was a blast. The meeting was attended by a bunch of really fun loving gurls. It was heartwarming to see deepening relationships forming between the gurls. There were also some romances that had taken off. It was definitely more exciting than Cashmere Mafia and more intriguing than Ugly Betty. Is there a television series in the making? More than a few I wager. Unfortunately, most of the juicy stuff I can’t write in here. All I am allowed to say is that it sure beats watching Saturday night reruns on the telly. I got first class seat to the best show in our little corner of the world.

The meeting was graced by the lovely Mistress Christy. I was just blown away her grace and beauty. Her website and pictures don’t do her justice. She is really an incredible person: talented, gifted and yet so humble. I tried hinting of our informal gathering at DYMK as not to appear to blatant of the very rare treat. Mistress Christy shared with me the current developments of Bangkok’s ever evolving BDSM scene. She was also kind to share with me the underground SM scene in the rest of Asia as she is a widely sought after ProDomme who travels extensively.


In DYMK, there was an event generously sponsored by Aids for Action (AFA) Organization where anyone can test for HIV anonymously. The test is done via OraQuick rapid test where you just need to swab the inside of your mouth and wait for an hour for your results. SGGURLs support AFA. All the gurls and guests participated in the free test. For more on AFA, please see

After a very relaxed and fun time in DYMK, we popped over to Dixie’s at Mosque Street which is just next to Cows & Coolies. The bar was really fun. Most of the people knew the gurls. The gurls were up to their usual antics, singing Karaoke and playing pool. Our friends’ in Dixie had a blast trying out Joy’s mile tall high heel which ended up in an impromptu high heel dash around the pool table. This was eye candy for anyone with a foot fetish.


We would like to thank Benjamin and Marc of DYMK for making us feel at home.


For more information of our groups, please visit us at


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