Singapore, 14th November 2008.

It was a night where people from all walks of life joinned to celebrate diversity. Despite the earlier drizzle, participation was fantastic. The rain stopped just as the celebration got underway. We could not have asked for better timing. The weather cooled down nicely so that we could chill outside when things got too hot inside and the gurls did sizzle things up inside. The bungalow was gigantic. It had 7 giant bedrooms upstairs. One of the rooms was converted into a makeup station for our two very talented make-up artist.

The night was special. We had a very rare opportunity to celebrate three birthdays: Rebec, Hendrika and SGGURLS.  The totally delectable cakes were specially chosen by Adaline for the birthday girl and gurls. The catered Indonesian food, wonderful cakes, fine wine and beer were only the starters for the great celebration. It was a also a night when the gurls and friends of SGGURLS took ownership of the club and made it their own. The moderators were asked to gather around for the cake cutting ceremony. Nic made a speech on behalf of the group saying that SGGURLS is a group not just for the transgendered, but a group for anyone who had ever been discriminated. The birthday wish for SGGURLS is to be a positive force to forster respect amongst people regardless of their gender, gender preferences, race, religion, creed and country. We were also very happy that the owner of MYGURLZ came all they way from KL to celebrate SGGURLS’ birthday. She was happy to see a united transgender community in Singapore celebrating their friendship in mirth and with warmth.

After the cake cutting ceremony, the celebration went into overdrive. Kaila was the emcee for the night and a fine emcee she was. She whipped up the audience into a frenzy when the beautiful Destinee, sexy Ivy and delicious Trish performed their hearts out. Destinee did two song numbers. Trish sang ‘Fever’ and Ivy heated up things with very exotic dance.  

And when everyone thought that the show as over, Joy brought out the ropes. Nic and Joy were like Betty Boo meets Betty Paige domina duo. They caught their naughty lollita and the birthday gurl. Before the gurls knew it, they were bound, gagged and tickled mercilessly for an hour. But this was all done in good fun of course.

A special thank you to Adaline, Kaila, Destinee, Trish, Ivy Jr., Deanna, Hendrika, Zeus, Bobby for making the celebration a success. And a big hug to all our wonderful friends who came and made the night a memorable one.


For more information on Asia’s transgender social & support network, please visit:



Posted on 11/14/2008 10:14 PM

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