Singapore: Halloween 2008

Singapore: Halloween 2008

Singapore, 31st Oct 2008, Friday

Thanks to our lovely gurls that Halloween 2008 beat sitting at 11pm watching Survivor on the telly. Our guests Veron & Dyana were dressed in the dopest meeeoooowww…Cat suit and Goth outfit that would make any straight male go berserk. They look waaay too good. Andy and Alex (AlexSG01) dropped by for a drink before running off to their next caper.

We had Rayne in her sexy Goth gear, Kaila in a hot leather chipao, Joy wearing a deliciously wicked she-devil costume, Trish looking like the hot young Tina Turner (I know she’ll disagree), Shelia in a nice elegant dress, Destynee looking ravishing in her scrumptious lollita outfit, my luvly slut she-devil Adaline in a cosplay outfit, the shy demure Cindy wearing a kinky french maid costume, beautiful Andrea in a black elegant dress, Hendrika in a Thai university female outfit, and me da big COWgurl.

Backstage was packed tighter than a can of sardines. It looked like a mini UN gathering with representatives from all continents with schmoozing and giving each other friendly spanks on the butt. Given that this was the tail end of a work week, the turnout was quite good. The Backstage team did a good job in making the place look spooky unfortunately there were no ghouls or ghost in the place only hot bods on the prowl.

After Backstage, the group splintered to Cows&Coolies, Alley Bar @Peranakan Place and Thumper@Goodwood Park. Master Richard + partner, , Bobby + partner, were at Cows & Coolies with most of the gurls. There was a big goth party at Alley bar ( and of course SGDOMSUBS centennarian at Thumper. All in all Halloween 2008 amidst the economic downturn got my two thumps up.


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