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SGGURLS 3rd Moderator’s Meeting

October 12, 2008

SGGURLS 3rd Moderator’s Meeting

Singapore, 12th October 2008

The SGGURLS moderators convened at DYMK bar at about 9pm+++. Some of the gurls were already there since 6pm as they attended Leona Lo’s talk. Before the Moderator’s meeting started a variety of topics were discussed. The most memorable were highlights from Leona Lo’s inspirational talk about the challenges that a trans-gurl will face. Destynee said that the best part of the talk she liked was that a tgurl needs to be self-reliant and not hope for the knight in shining armor. There’s no such person. Trish agreed and said that building up a means to achieve financial independence was a key to a successful pre and post transition.

The topic of purging came up during the discussion. A spot survey from the moderators showed that almost all the Mods (short for Moderators of SGGURLS) who were present that night had purged their fem personalities at least twice only to be defeated by a stronger resurgence from their fem side. Nic said that "we’re born with a curse never to escape the need to be a woman." Trish however disagreed and said that it was not a ‘curse’ but a blessing. Trish summed it up best by saying that Trans people (MtF, FtM) are the only people with a unique understanding of what it means to be a man and a woman. All the Mods agreed that it’s quite difficult if not impossible to escape from wanting to be that elusive girl / woman. This need is like the programming in salmons that compel them to swim upstream.

The Mods also discussed about how a pressing issue of harrassments of members and Mods in the SGGURLS forum. The Mods discussed the term ‘harrassment’. Harrassment means to incessantly contact the gurls without any regard if the communication was not welcomed. We discussed about some specific cases that happened for the last two weeks. It was agreed that if the harrassers persist, then the Mods will take appropriate actions. The approach is to reason with them first. The banning of harrassers will be a last resort.

When Kaila & Joy finally arrived (10:30pm ), Trish called the meeting in order. The Mods meeting was chaired by Destynee and Kaila. Destynee briefed us the status of the arrangements. Kaila went through the agenda. Destynee gathered our decisions for the halal menu which made many of us hungry. If the menu sounds as good as the actual food, most of us can’t wait to get their hand on the food. Nic and Destynee worked out the finance for the SGGURLS nite. We discovered that we were short of about S$200. The Mods brainstormed on how to cover the shoftfall. Smart Joy suggested that each of the Mods contributed an additional sum. The sum to be worked out. Ivy suggested that we also ask if some of the bars, etc. wanted to sponsor our SGGURLS nite. There were some items that still needed to be worked out particularly drivers and the drinks portion. Destynee suggested that the Mods bring 1-2 bottles of their favorite drinks. Nic suggested that maybe make it optional (but much appreciated) if participants would also bring a bottle of their favorite wine or liquoer.

The Mods also got to meet up with Angeline who posted her photos on the board recently. Kaila exchanges some tips for her on how to overcome her shyness. Most of us already think that Angeline is brave for joining the Mods meeting. After the meeting, the gurls adjourned to smoking heaven ("Cow&Coolies"). For non-smokers the place was smoking hell. But our friends in Cows&Coolies already very familiar with our group were fun. Their friendliness and craziness made up for the blured vision from the heavy smoke.

Special thanks to Rayne who was our official ("arrowed’) photographer for the night.


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