The Ladies of the Ring party

The Ladies of the Ring party

Singapore, 20th September 2008.

The Ladies of the Ring party was a ruse to celebrate two of our wondeful friends’ birthdays; Trish and Shirley. The celebration was the first of all sorts. A delicious cake for two beautiful and elegant ladies.

The outing was made memorable by Edwina’s debut. She looked fantastic and totally passable. Most of us didn’t recognised her when she stepped into our private party at Backstage.

To help us celebrate the two special friends’ birthdays, we were joined by Zack, elegant Edwina, handsome man Daniel, beautiful Rose, Ada, Joy, Kaila, Ivy, Nic, delightful Andrea, Benaissa, Cindy, Destynee and Rayne. We cut the cake slightly after 11pm. The party started in earnest at midnight after a few drinks and some crazy modeling for camerawomen Rayne and Nic.

The gurls hopped over to +Plus for some KTV and pool followed by a spot of supper.

SGGURLS and her friends would like to thank David, Terrence and our friends at Backstage for making the celebration of our friends’ birthdays wonderful and comfortable.

For more of our friendly social group, please join us at

Backstage Bar,


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