Singapore: GOTH nite review

Singapore: GOTH nite review

Singapore, Sat,23 Aug, 2008

Goth Nite at Backstage was awesome. The girls, gurls and guys looked fabulous in BLACK, leather and PVC. Besides looking just wonderfully vamp, we watched the goofie film, JACKASS and TWOWONGFOO in our little cozy bar. It was a treat to have Mel, Den, and Dyana with us. A few of the gurls got quite a few admirers blowing cat calls and coming up to them for a kiss.


Destynee actually wanted a few of the gurls to rehearse for SGGURLS nite. Unfortunately, with JACKASS 2 on the plasma scree, everyone became riveted with the ‘old man ball’ gag. Soon the dance rehearsal was forgotten. The blonde one may be off the hook, since Terrence assessed that she can’t really dance. Preparing for GOTH night was fun. The hardest thing was hunting for BLACK lipstick. Most of the conventional make up brands don’t carry black. They do carry dark red, but that’s not the same as the black that makes your blood scream sexy.

Once the crowd thinned down a bit in Backstage, the gurls were up to their SM shenanigans. Joy wanted to bring the ropes out and Adaline was game; but everyone just looked too shag to be the Domme. After Backstage, supper at Lao Pa Sat    was in order. Woo hoo…good food and more booze.

We want to thank the management and team of Backstage bar and our sista Rayne for taking all the wonderful pictures.


Backstage bar:


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