Re: Handbag Nite: a nite for TV+CD’s, 8/9/2008, 9:30 pm

Re: Handbag Nite: a nite for TV+CD’s, 8/9/2008, 9:30 pm


Saturday was Singapore’s 43rd birthday and the gurls of SGGURLS celebrated in style. We all met up at eBAR just two doors down from Taboo. eBAR was so comfortable and private that the gurls got stuck there for the longest time. When we finally decide to make a move to Taboo, it was kind of late. The cover charge of 20sgd was that appealing. I guess the gurls were already spoilt in places like Backstage, +Plus, DYMK ("the new MOX"), Cows&Coolies, TocaME and eBAR where there are no cover charge.

After standing outside Taboo for awhile the gurls decided to go to Cows&Coolies. It had been awhile since we all went there. The owners of the establishment recognized us and immediately made us feel comfortable. We got the back nice little alcove at the back of the bar. We met some really cool friends in the bar. Rebecca, one of the regulars at Cows&Coolies, aced all our best pool players. Yikes! One after another, the gurls fell to the king of the pool table.

The gurls sang their songs, drank and chatted to their hearts content. The bar closed at 3:00 AM or was it at 2:00 AM? Sorry I can’t remember. Maybe its not a good idea to get the dumb blonde to write the review. LMAO. Cows&Coolies is a mix bar catering mostly to the lgbt crowd. There were some knockouts in Cows & Coolies last night unfortunately they didn’t want their pictures taken. Ada and Nic scared the patrons at Cows&Coolies with their SM antics. That would leave a lasting impression. Rebecca was a bit squemish when spanking Ada’s butt but she warmed up nicely at the end. Kaila a little tired and still sore from being trounced in pool, wanted to spank Rebecca. LOL I can’t write their comments in here. Let’s just say that revenge is best served with a paddle in the rump. 😛


Singapore transgender society:



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