Singapore: Hungry Ghost Nite with the Gurls

Singapore: Hungry Ghost Nite with the Gurls

Singapore, 2nd August 2008

Zhong Yuan Jie 中元节 is when the gates of Hades opens up once a year for ghosts to wander our world. This is the Chinese equivalent of Halloween. The gurls love halloween. That is when most of us met for the first time last year. It was love at first sight. We have been having fun for 10 months. And in two more months, 1 year had quickly elapsed. Fun and time seems to have an inverse relationsip. The more fun one has, the faster time seems to disappear. The gurls went to +PLUS bar to discuss the SGGURLS anniversary. +PLUS management was very supportive of our gurls and generously gave us our own cozy space that came with lots of fluffy pillows. They really have a way into the gurls’ hearts. We also had a great offer of $50 for a bucket of 5 barcardis which were perfect for flavor, low alcohol for those who drove (4.2%), and low calories to boot. The gurls easily guzzled down 3 buckets while studying’s Adaline really impressive program for the two day celebration of our SGGURL anniversary. The program really reflected our diversity. We are expecting quite a few of our sisters from overseas to come join the celebration. After a very exhilirating discussion in a very noisy bar…:-P, there was some more boozing, some incorrigible chain smoking, some KTV-ing, more boozing, more smoking, some comparison of fashion especially the exquisite 6" heels that some of the gurls wore, exchanging of notes on hormone treatment, make up tips, and the recent IPL offer from Allure. We had a great time at +PLUS. Ray, Aaron + Crew made us feel at home eventhough the bar was solidly packed. Our pool aces didn’t even have their turn on the pool table.

Deanna dropped by for the discussion but she had to leave early. At about 12:30 am, Destynee, Adaline, Trish, Cindy, Ivy, Joy, Kaila, Rayne, Edwina, Nic nip over to say ‘hi’ to our favorite friends at Backstage. We got to watch "Love in the time of Cholera". Wow! Talk about a fanstastic romance movie.

+Plus Bar:

Backstage Bar:

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