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Talking about YouTube – Alternate lifestyle in Asia

August 31, 2008

Singapore: AUGUST BDSM Munch

August 29, 2008

Singapore: AUGUST BDSM Munch

Singapore, 28 August 2008

If you have a choice to watch bad TV on a Thursday night or come to a SM munch, which would it be for you?

28 people chose the latter (pictures not posted as requested). There were quite a few newbies in this meet. We had to make sure that they were not in the wrong place. There were two groups of very nice looking people and a sexy couple sitting quietly in one corner. Nicole gave them a quiz: does a BDSM meet stand for "Business Development Sales Marketing" meet, "Big Daddy Small Mama" meet, or "Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism"? Luckily, the newbies answered correctly. They were introduced to several toys two of which were from auction from Mistress Cyra. Most of everyone could not guess the use of the hot-icy stimulator. A few thought it was a magic wand. Most of the newbies thought the penis gag was something they stick in their other holes….OO000oooooh oh. Nic naughtily introduced the crop and her version of the ‘friendship’ bracelet to the newbies. They had loads of fun with the toys.

We had a good representation of moderators who kept the party safe, sane, legal and fun. Our dear founders MJ, Sir Alex, Hendrik, Mistress Karen, and the team from SGGURLS were there to make sure that people didn’t feel bored. After a few drinks, people started getting a little more relaxed; the mingling started. Some of the slaves got a little naughty raring the Dominants to get a go at them. That night we had Master R & slave, Master Richard & His haarem (no kidding, Master Richard brought his whole haarem), Master Brian & slave, Master John & slave nina, Master Alex & haarem, Hendrik & plenty of his Sales Marketing friends, andy, sWitch Dyna, and many more people whose names escape me at the moment.

The night was filled with bondage, spanking, caning, teasing, and merri-making. Since DYMK closes at midnight, all the kinksters had to leave the magic kingdom. See you all again on the last Thursday of next month.

We would like to thank the DYMK team and management for supporting SM meets.


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Singapore: GOTH nite review

August 24, 2008

Singapore: GOTH nite review

Singapore, Sat,23 Aug, 2008

Goth Nite at Backstage was awesome. The girls, gurls and guys looked fabulous in BLACK, leather and PVC. Besides looking just wonderfully vamp, we watched the goofie film, JACKASS and TWOWONGFOO in our little cozy bar. It was a treat to have Mel, Den, and Dyana with us. A few of the gurls got quite a few admirers blowing cat calls and coming up to them for a kiss.


Destynee actually wanted a few of the gurls to rehearse for SGGURLS nite. Unfortunately, with JACKASS 2 on the plasma scree, everyone became riveted with the ‘old man ball’ gag. Soon the dance rehearsal was forgotten. The blonde one may be off the hook, since Terrence assessed that she can’t really dance. Preparing for GOTH night was fun. The hardest thing was hunting for BLACK lipstick. Most of the conventional make up brands don’t carry black. They do carry dark red, but that’s not the same as the black that makes your blood scream sexy.

Once the crowd thinned down a bit in Backstage, the gurls were up to their SM shenanigans. Joy wanted to bring the ropes out and Adaline was game; but everyone just looked too shag to be the Domme. After Backstage, supper at Lao Pa Sat    was in order. Woo hoo…good food and more booze.

We want to thank the management and team of Backstage bar and our sista Rayne for taking all the wonderful pictures.


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Re: Handbag Nite: a nite for TV+CD’s, 8/9/2008, 9:30 pm

August 10, 2008

Re: Handbag Nite: a nite for TV+CD’s, 8/9/2008, 9:30 pm


Saturday was Singapore’s 43rd birthday and the gurls of SGGURLS celebrated in style. We all met up at eBAR just two doors down from Taboo. eBAR was so comfortable and private that the gurls got stuck there for the longest time. When we finally decide to make a move to Taboo, it was kind of late. The cover charge of 20sgd was that appealing. I guess the gurls were already spoilt in places like Backstage, +Plus, DYMK ("the new MOX"), Cows&Coolies, TocaME and eBAR where there are no cover charge.

After standing outside Taboo for awhile the gurls decided to go to Cows&Coolies. It had been awhile since we all went there. The owners of the establishment recognized us and immediately made us feel comfortable. We got the back nice little alcove at the back of the bar. We met some really cool friends in the bar. Rebecca, one of the regulars at Cows&Coolies, aced all our best pool players. Yikes! One after another, the gurls fell to the king of the pool table.

The gurls sang their songs, drank and chatted to their hearts content. The bar closed at 3:00 AM or was it at 2:00 AM? Sorry I can’t remember. Maybe its not a good idea to get the dumb blonde to write the review. LMAO. Cows&Coolies is a mix bar catering mostly to the lgbt crowd. There were some knockouts in Cows & Coolies last night unfortunately they didn’t want their pictures taken. Ada and Nic scared the patrons at Cows&Coolies with their SM antics. That would leave a lasting impression. Rebecca was a bit squemish when spanking Ada’s butt but she warmed up nicely at the end. Kaila a little tired and still sore from being trounced in pool, wanted to spank Rebecca. LOL I can’t write their comments in here. Let’s just say that revenge is best served with a paddle in the rump. 😛


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Singapore: Hungry Ghost Nite with the Gurls

August 3, 2008

Singapore: Hungry Ghost Nite with the Gurls

Singapore, 2nd August 2008

Zhong Yuan Jie 中元节 is when the gates of Hades opens up once a year for ghosts to wander our world. This is the Chinese equivalent of Halloween. The gurls love halloween. That is when most of us met for the first time last year. It was love at first sight. We have been having fun for 10 months. And in two more months, 1 year had quickly elapsed. Fun and time seems to have an inverse relationsip. The more fun one has, the faster time seems to disappear. The gurls went to +PLUS bar to discuss the SGGURLS anniversary. +PLUS management was very supportive of our gurls and generously gave us our own cozy space that came with lots of fluffy pillows. They really have a way into the gurls’ hearts. We also had a great offer of $50 for a bucket of 5 barcardis which were perfect for flavor, low alcohol for those who drove (4.2%), and low calories to boot. The gurls easily guzzled down 3 buckets while studying’s Adaline really impressive program for the two day celebration of our SGGURL anniversary. The program really reflected our diversity. We are expecting quite a few of our sisters from overseas to come join the celebration. After a very exhilirating discussion in a very noisy bar…:-P, there was some more boozing, some incorrigible chain smoking, some KTV-ing, more boozing, more smoking, some comparison of fashion especially the exquisite 6" heels that some of the gurls wore, exchanging of notes on hormone treatment, make up tips, and the recent IPL offer from Allure. We had a great time at +PLUS. Ray, Aaron + Crew made us feel at home eventhough the bar was solidly packed. Our pool aces didn’t even have their turn on the pool table.

Deanna dropped by for the discussion but she had to leave early. At about 12:30 am, Destynee, Adaline, Trish, Cindy, Ivy, Joy, Kaila, Rayne, Edwina, Nic nip over to say ‘hi’ to our favorite friends at Backstage. We got to watch "Love in the time of Cholera". Wow! Talk about a fanstastic romance movie.

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Singapore: July BDSM Munch

August 2, 2008

Singapore: July BDSM Munch

Singapore, 31st July – 1st August 2008

We had our meet for the first time in DYMK bar. Since it was the bar’s second day after its opening, the bar was still relatively unknown and it afforded a lot of privacy. There were close to 30 members (pics not shown as requested) that showed up coming and going at different times during the munch. The participants for the meet were made out of an even mix of men, women and tgurls (10:10:10) where there were more sWitches than subs or Dominants. In this meet, the majority of the SM’ers had at least 5 years of experience in various aspects of their kink. There were quite a few new faces that night and some old faces that we thought had dropped off at the edge of the world. We were also very glad to see the new faces from our last meet that attended their second meet. It was very gratifying to hear that they enjoyed this meet as much as the previous one. Master Richard who attended our meet for the first time said, "I almost gave up on meeting true kinksters in Singapore. I have been on Collarme for three years and I am fedup. Tonight gave me some hope. It’s nice to see that there’s at least an underground SM scene."

We were all anxiously awaiting for our century year old founder (MJ) to show but when when DYMK gave us the boot at midnight, our grand old Master still hadn’t shown up. He must have had a bout of alzheimer or forgot where he left his walker again. The meet was quite casual until Master Alex brought out his ropes. All the gorgeous shy slaves scurried away and hid at the back corner of the bar while Nic went hunting for victims ..ahem…models. We found three brave models to endure tight bondage, Mistress Karen’s tickling come spanking, Nic’s riding crop and wooden hair brush, Master Alex’s whips, riding crops, etc. It was bondage mayhem. The bar closed at midnight otherwise the meet would have gone on till much later.

On behalf of our Singapore kinksters and some of our friends from overseas, we like to thank the DYMK management for being supportive of our BDSM event.


BDSM doesn’t mean "Barnie doing SM". It is an acronmy for "Bondage, Domination (or also Dungeon), Sado – Masochism"; "Bondage, Dominant/submissive & masochism". BDSM should always be consensual (both parties agree), sane and safe.


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