Singapore, 12 July 2008.

 WHIPCAPA turned out to be a very relaxed event. We had everyone chomping on McDonalds, catching-up, boozing, chain smoking, cat-fighting (yes there was a sexy cat fight between Ivy & Destynee around midnight), spanking (Mistress Jacquiline was trying her hand on slave ling), vampirism (with french fries) and lots of paddling. It was lucky that Nic could squeeze into her handbag a leash whip, a paddle and a hairbrush. Those items were all that were needed for partiers to have fun. Despite the equipment challenged party, partiers just started improvising even with food :-O. Joy bought McDonalds and Cindy bought lots of snacks. Alex dropped by but he too shagged to tie people up. Master R was very generous that night. He shared his beautiful slave ling and also the SM scene in Taiwan which apparently was much more happening. Rayne & shy Mel dropped by for a drink too. 

We like to thank the team of Backstage Bar for the support and warm hospitality.

BDSM societies in ASIA:



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