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Wig Me, Whip Me & Kiss Me

July 20, 2008
  • Wig Me, Whip Me & Kiss Me

    Singapore, 19-20 July 2008

    The SGGURLS outing keeps getting better and better. As we get to know the regulars at bars like MOX (already closed down), TocaMe, Backstage, Cows & Coolies, and now +plus, the gurls are becoming quite comfortable and are having fun interacting with our new friends. The management of the bars are also very friendly and supportive to our outings especially when they realized that we’re just a bunch of fun loving gurls out to socialize.

    We started out at TocaMe where we had a fun wig sale. We were not the only one trying out the wigs, it seems like the whole bar caught on with our passion for wigs. After a lot of fun messing around with the hairpieces, we settled down do catch up on each other’s lives, a little gossiping, some boozing, some KTV, and some smokes. A few of the gurls were so passable that even our lesbian friends (genetic girls) had a hard time telling if the gurls were girls. This was really a confident booster for a few of our gurls in the group. And let me tell you this, our group of lesbian friends were amazingly beautiful. WOWZERS!!! While the gurls were busy chatting, Nic was busy buaying all the gorgeous people like Ada, Hendrika, Trish, Destynee, Ivy, Kaila, Rayne, Hui Ling, Cindy, JB+co, the bar crew of TocaMe, the bar crew of +plus. Trish made the comment that Nic didn’t sit in one place for long. LOL, Nic was very busy with her hands. :-O

    At about 12:30 am, the gurls decided to search for OSO bar at 145 Kreta Ayer Road. We hunted high and low but we couldn’t find it. Nic braved the night and went out to ask the nice looking people sitting outside +PLUS bar and learned that OSO had closed down and +PLUS was the remake. About a dozen of us went into the bar dressed to the hilt. The nice thing about this was the people in +PLUS were actually excited to see us. They were very gracious and friendly. We met with Ray and Aaron the owners of +PLUS. Looks like we may try to host our monthly BDSM event there. +PLUS is very spacious, comfortable and has black leather sofas. Oooo ooo ooo …leather couch and SM…shiver me timbers. The gurls played pool, sang KTV and interviewed a few of the transexual sisters that frequented +plus. Rayne, Hui Ling & Hendrika were very captivated with the experience shared by our new tgurl sister who gave her account of transitioning. While the three of the tgurls were taking notes on transitioning outside, inside +plus, we found our aces of pool. A tip for any would be pool sharks: never bet against the pool queens: Her Royal Highness Pool Queen Kaila, Her Royal Songstress – Princess Ivy & Princess Joy.

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July 13, 2008


Singapore, 12 July 2008.

 WHIPCAPA turned out to be a very relaxed event. We had everyone chomping on McDonalds, catching-up, boozing, chain smoking, cat-fighting (yes there was a sexy cat fight between Ivy & Destynee around midnight), spanking (Mistress Jacquiline was trying her hand on slave ling), vampirism (with french fries) and lots of paddling. It was lucky that Nic could squeeze into her handbag a leash whip, a paddle and a hairbrush. Those items were all that were needed for partiers to have fun. Despite the equipment challenged party, partiers just started improvising even with food :-O. Joy bought McDonalds and Cindy bought lots of snacks. Alex dropped by but he too shagged to tie people up. Master R was very generous that night. He shared his beautiful slave ling and also the SM scene in Taiwan which apparently was much more happening. Rayne & shy Mel dropped by for a drink too. 

We like to thank the team of Backstage Bar for the support and warm hospitality.

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