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Singapore Gurlz sure know how to to PAAARRRTTTYYYY….

June 8, 2008

Singapore Gurlz sure know how to to PAAARRRTTTYYYY….

Singapore, 7th June 2008

The first weekend of June started out with a smashing fun time at Tocame. This sure beats watching re-runs on the telly. This night is where I found what a glass of Absinthe Red (80% alcholol, 160 proof) can do to me. I should have gone for Absinthe Green (75% alcohol, 150 proof) or Absinthe Black (85% alcohol, 170 proof) but I would have been able to contained my horniness…,no I mean my homeyness. After the drink I was really enjoying the gurls…er…I mean … I was enjoying the night. Bua tahan…you reall have to check out the gurls and girls in TocaME yourself.

The night was made even more enjoyable by two Dominants from our BDSM Societies: Sir Alex the Rope Master extraordinaire and Master R (heh heh I am not telling u his name but he is quite a looker). Of course no pics of the two Masters as per their requests.

The estrogen level in TocaMe was at an all time high & of course it’s not a wonder since it was after all a lesbian bar. We sat at the Khyber Pass of the bar: anyone who wanted to go to the restroom had to pay us toll (a hug, a kiss, or allow us to pat/swat their bum). The gurls and girls that paraded by us were really quite a sight. I can’t believe all these gorgeous women could squeeze in this little bar. Its time like this I am glad that I could sneak into a lesbian bar like a wolf in sheep skin.

Some of the gurls went over to Taboo to check out the swim wear fashion show. They were disappointed since they couldn’t even get into the place. It was jammed pack. When our scouting party came back to TocaMe and reported the super crowded condition at Taboo, we decided instead that our second destination would be Backstage. We were pleasantly surprise, there was a group of fun expats that looked like the naughty version of the arabian nights. They just came from a costume party. Kaila kissed Britney Spears while I spanked her luscious butt. The gurls danced the nite away teasing my fellow buayas (crocs, sharks, horn dogs) in Backstage. I wanted to watch Too Wong Foo starring Patrick Swayze & Wesley Snipes but I was so distracted by all these hot bodies gyrating all around me. My hands were busy multi-tasking in ham-saping (groping), drinking, doing my make-up, gossping, combing my hair, flirting and watching the Two Wong Foo DVD that was showing on the big plasma screen.

The gurls went to supper at Lau Pasat after a whole evening, night and morning of awesome partying.


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