A fun night at TocaMe

A fun night at TocaMe

Singapore, 25 May 2008.

We had antother fabulous night at TocaMe .The management and patrons there are very friendly and they made us feel at home. We made quite a new friends that night. We had the beautiful la chica bonita Chantal , our friends (Pat, Shirley), Hendrix who wanted a break from being a gurl :-O, the bodilicious Ivies (Ivy Sr., Ivy Jr.), the scrupmtious Trish (so yummilicious…), sexy legs Joy, Kaila the gorgeous (very elegantly dress my dear) and my precious darling Adaline (who got spanked when everyone was busy KTV’ing …hee hee). I can’t believe there’s so many beautiful gurls for me to ham sap for being in one night. Ham sap is a colloquail term referring to an incorrigible gropper.

We viewed the photos from Yvonne, Joy and Adaline’s Bangkok trip. WOW wee…. They had a lot of pictures which they didn’t load onto the internet. It seems that they had too much fun packed into 4 days. No wonder the gurls look tired.

The last night was made special as I bumped into a good friend of mine from Shanghai, Charlene. She’s one of the very supportive moderators of the ShanghaiLBGT board who tirelessly organize a lot of cool events for its members. I almost came to tears when I saw her. It was out of the blue and a real icing on the cake to make the Saturday outing a real memorable one. I had some news not all that good about the LGBT scene in China. I was told that the authorities there are being a stinker and they raided one of my favorite haunts in Beijing (Mudidi / Destination) allegedly looking for drug pushers. Ya, okay whatever @#^&%@&%#.

The gurls sang a few songs but after a few glasses of alchol, they loosen up and they would have made the singers in American Idol envious. Our soon to be discovered sweet & smooth crooners – Ivy Jr, Kaila, Trish, and Joy. Of course the club discovered my talent last night beside ham sap-ing: croaking and scaring the girls & gurls with my terrible singing. Hendrika care to join me in KTV-ing in a soundproof room?

For more fun fill ideas for you weekends, come join in the fun at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls

For the kinky of you, click here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bdsmASIAnetwork , here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bdsmCHINAnetwork and here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sgdomsubs



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