Saturday Night lounge lizards

Saturday Night lounge lizards

19-20 May 2008, Toca Me Bar, Singapore

It was a last minute thing but it was an excellent way to spend the Saturday. I got a call from my gurlfriend Kaila who said that she wanted to hangout out in a cool bar that was not crowded. After some discussion we narrowed down the list to two bars: the OSO bar and TOCA ME. Maybe we ccould hit both bars in the same night? Kaila picked me up from my place and TOCA ME was our first stop.

We liked the place so much that we didn’t leave until they literally told us it was closing time. The Karaoke system was pretty cool. We belted out quite a few songs. I never knew that Kaila was such a fantastic singer. 

Besides being drag queens, we ended up being mic-hogging queens as well. We were later joined by our beautiful and vivacious sista, Trisha. Looking at her shored up my courage to continue my journey in my evolution. She’s gave me quite a lot of advise on HRT, the do’s and don’ts which were all earned from a lifetime of experience. I was really pumped with someone as beautiful and experience as her to talk about my fears and aspirations of going fulltime.

A new foreign friend came by to join us for a drink. He was very very cute and I think Trisha liked him a lot. But he was soooo young. I felt like a cradle robber. So did anything happen? Har har har har har ….so nosy.


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