Fetish Lingerie Night

Fetish Lingerie Night

Singapore, 10-11th May 2008

What does Saturday, fetish, kink, lingerie and Singapore have in common? Five words: fun, fun, fun, fun, and fun. Is Singapore happening or what? With F1 and IR looming on its horizon, the SM community is adding excitement and spice to Singapore by staging its on kinkilicious fun fetish lingerie night at Backstage Bar. A few of the gurls were really excited to meet the gorgeous Mistress Minky and a very beautiful mix SM couple; no photos shown as per their request. We were treated to a nice peek inside the intricate rope work worn by a very beautiful  (maybe a sWitch) slave girl. The rope work was superb. A single rope criss-crossed beautifully across the naked flesh.

The gurls were really nervous about the performance despite chugging down quite a fair bit of alcohol. At 10pm, the place was still very crowded, the ‘victims’ …sorry…. ‘performers’ begged to postpone the show to one an hour later. At 11pm, the place was still crowded. The gurls again pleaded to postpone the show to midnight. Come midnight, the crowd finally thinned out and …. woo hoo… total mayhem…

What happened after the lingerie show was SM mayhem. Everyone who showed their bum got a taste of the flogger and the paddle. It was sin, sin, sin, fun, fun, and more fun. One of the slaves had so much fun that she fell asleep from exhaustion. We thought of selling her to some slavers but she was drooling quite badly so we thought we just let her sleep it off and we have to respect our almost retired veteran :-P.


For more on BDSM, please visit our clubs:

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CHINA BDSM: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bdsmCHINAnetwork

Singapore Trangender society: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls



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