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It just gets better and better ..

May 30, 2008

It just gets better and better ..

29th May 2008


I want to thank my dearest kinky friends for making the Thursday BDSM meet at Backstage a super block buster. Besides being such a fantastic night, the imposter from Collarme who called herself Mistress ichilli had been banished by the operators. I owe a lot to my friends who helped me reclaim back what’s rightfully mine. You’re all the best. And also my deepest gratitude goes to my knight in shining armor, k0021789, who first alerted me to the theft of my picture.

The party would not have been a party without all these gorgeous kinksters Chloey, the gorgeous C+C, Sir Alex & slave W, Hendrika Mistress of Scarf, slave adaline, gorgeous Ivy, the beautiful swinger couple K+C,  Andy + partner, Mistress Minky, slave/switch mArtin, Brian, Jake, rope Master Max from Jakarta, sWitch Kaila, … (please spank me later I forgot many other names). There was a rope showdown between Master Alex and Master Max. Their styles of tying were very different and both were just as effective in rendering the slaves helpless. Master Max just came into town and was gracious enough to come to our event. He demo his quick western style of tying. Master Alex uses a more careful Japanese Shibari style bondage. Scarf Mistress Hendrika showed that using her silken ties, she could just be as effective as the Masters and their ropes. She employs an intricate web of silk and softness to bind her slave. Mistress Minky had poor Ivy to experiment on. She had her hands full as her slave is a slippery eel. Ivy called herself the houdini of Sggurls. We’ll see about that the next time Ivy when I bring my chains and lock.


In between the rope bondage, we had several discipline implements lying about. Before long, we had people spanking each other’s butt. All in good fun of course.

Though the room at Backstage was small, it was cozy and the privacy the small space provided us was great. We got to know each other a lot better. There were a few newbies that joined us and we had to repeat our mantra: always make sure that your SM play is "SAFE, CONSENSUAL, and SANE".


We also woud like to thank Terrence of Backstage bar for handling all the logistics and making us feel really comfortable. Our poor friend is already so skinny, he must have burned 2 billion calories just from the thousands of times he had to climb up and down the stairs to take our orders.

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A fun night at TocaMe

May 25, 2008

A fun night at TocaMe

Singapore, 25 May 2008.

We had antother fabulous night at TocaMe .The management and patrons there are very friendly and they made us feel at home. We made quite a new friends that night. We had the beautiful la chica bonita Chantal , our friends (Pat, Shirley), Hendrix who wanted a break from being a gurl :-O, the bodilicious Ivies (Ivy Sr., Ivy Jr.), the scrupmtious Trish (so yummilicious…), sexy legs Joy, Kaila the gorgeous (very elegantly dress my dear) and my precious darling Adaline (who got spanked when everyone was busy KTV’ing …hee hee). I can’t believe there’s so many beautiful gurls for me to ham sap for being in one night. Ham sap is a colloquail term referring to an incorrigible gropper.

We viewed the photos from Yvonne, Joy and Adaline’s Bangkok trip. WOW wee…. They had a lot of pictures which they didn’t load onto the internet. It seems that they had too much fun packed into 4 days. No wonder the gurls look tired.

The last night was made special as I bumped into a good friend of mine from Shanghai, Charlene. She’s one of the very supportive moderators of the ShanghaiLBGT board who tirelessly organize a lot of cool events for its members. I almost came to tears when I saw her. It was out of the blue and a real icing on the cake to make the Saturday outing a real memorable one. I had some news not all that good about the LGBT scene in China. I was told that the authorities there are being a stinker and they raided one of my favorite haunts in Beijing (Mudidi / Destination) allegedly looking for drug pushers. Ya, okay whatever @#^&%@&%#.

The gurls sang a few songs but after a few glasses of alchol, they loosen up and they would have made the singers in American Idol envious. Our soon to be discovered sweet & smooth crooners – Ivy Jr, Kaila, Trish, and Joy. Of course the club discovered my talent last night beside ham sap-ing: croaking and scaring the girls & gurls with my terrible singing. Hendrika care to join me in KTV-ing in a soundproof room?

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Saturday Night lounge lizards

May 18, 2008

Saturday Night lounge lizards

19-20 May 2008, Toca Me Bar, Singapore

It was a last minute thing but it was an excellent way to spend the Saturday. I got a call from my gurlfriend Kaila who said that she wanted to hangout out in a cool bar that was not crowded. After some discussion we narrowed down the list to two bars: the OSO bar and TOCA ME. Maybe we ccould hit both bars in the same night? Kaila picked me up from my place and TOCA ME was our first stop.

We liked the place so much that we didn’t leave until they literally told us it was closing time. The Karaoke system was pretty cool. We belted out quite a few songs. I never knew that Kaila was such a fantastic singer. 

Besides being drag queens, we ended up being mic-hogging queens as well. We were later joined by our beautiful and vivacious sista, Trisha. Looking at her shored up my courage to continue my journey in my evolution. She’s gave me quite a lot of advise on HRT, the do’s and don’ts which were all earned from a lifetime of experience. I was really pumped with someone as beautiful and experience as her to talk about my fears and aspirations of going fulltime.

A new foreign friend came by to join us for a drink. He was very very cute and I think Trisha liked him a lot. But he was soooo young. I felt like a cradle robber. So did anything happen? Har har har har har ….so nosy.


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Fetish Lingerie Night

May 11, 2008

Fetish Lingerie Night

Singapore, 10-11th May 2008

What does Saturday, fetish, kink, lingerie and Singapore have in common? Five words: fun, fun, fun, fun, and fun. Is Singapore happening or what? With F1 and IR looming on its horizon, the SM community is adding excitement and spice to Singapore by staging its on kinkilicious fun fetish lingerie night at Backstage Bar. A few of the gurls were really excited to meet the gorgeous Mistress Minky and a very beautiful mix SM couple; no photos shown as per their request. We were treated to a nice peek inside the intricate rope work worn by a very beautiful  (maybe a sWitch) slave girl. The rope work was superb. A single rope criss-crossed beautifully across the naked flesh.

The gurls were really nervous about the performance despite chugging down quite a fair bit of alcohol. At 10pm, the place was still very crowded, the ‘victims’ …sorry…. ‘performers’ begged to postpone the show to one an hour later. At 11pm, the place was still crowded. The gurls again pleaded to postpone the show to midnight. Come midnight, the crowd finally thinned out and …. woo hoo… total mayhem…

What happened after the lingerie show was SM mayhem. Everyone who showed their bum got a taste of the flogger and the paddle. It was sin, sin, sin, fun, fun, and more fun. One of the slaves had so much fun that she fell asleep from exhaustion. We thought of selling her to some slavers but she was drooling quite badly so we thought we just let her sleep it off and we have to respect our almost retired veteran :-P.


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